Underlayment Specialties Plus recently introduced the RoofTopGuard SA, a High-Temperature Self-Adhered Membrane that raises the performance bar for all Ice & Water Protectors. RoofTopGuard SA is a synthetic based Ice & Water Protector that incorporates the structure of the best performing Synthetic Underlayment on the market; RoofTopGuard II.  By engineering RoofTopGuard II with a custom formulation of adhesive, RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector has created a game changer and a superior solution for a waterproof membrane.

RoofTopGuard SA Ice & Water Protector uses the benefits found in a Premium Synthetic Underlayment and combines them with a unique adhesive to make a superior Ice & Water Protector.  It is able to provide Maximum Coverage through its extra wide width roll in comparison to standard bitumen based membranes.  Lightweight, it provides 5 square roll in comparison to the industry standard heavy 2 sq roll.

RoofTopGuard SA expands the installation cycle through its unique aggressive adhesive that allows installation at a temperature greater than 15 degrees F, compared to Standard Ice & Water Protectors that typically work at 50 degrees F. Combined with its superior walkability which utilizes RoofTopGuard II Premium Synthetic Underlayment's “fiber grip” topside, and a 50 year warranty, it is set to change the marketplace.

For more information, visit www.uspunderlayment.com.