WASHINGTON – Responding to the heightened interest in and concern over the resilience of the built environment, the EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is launching EpdmTheResilientRoof.org. The new website details the need for resilience in roofing systems, and the specific attributes of EPDM that make it uniquely valuable in attaining resilience in a structure. In addition, to add context to the information about EPDM products, the website provides a clearinghouse of sources about resilience, as well as an up-to-date roster of recent articles, blog posts, statements of professional organizations and other pertinent information about resilience.  

“This new website takes our commitment to the construction industry and to our customers to a new level. Our mission is to provide up-to-date science-based information about our products.  Resilience is an emerging need, and we want to be the go-to source for architects, specifiers, building owners and contractors who want to ensure that their construction can withstand extreme events,” said Mike DuCharme, Chairman of ERA.

The Department of Homeland Security defines resilience as, “The ability to adapt to changing conditions and withstand and rapidly recover from disruption due to emergencies.”  

“Data show the increasing threat of extreme weather events, and our infrastructure also faces the threat of acts of terrorism,” said Ellen Thorp, associate executive director of ERA. “Our durable EPDM products have more value than ever as components of resilient roofing systems.”

The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is the first trade association solely representing the manufacturers of EPDM single-ply roofing products and their leading suppliers.  ERA provides technical and research support to the public and the construction industry, and communicates the longstanding attributes, consistency and the value proposition of EPDM rubber membrane roofing materials.

To access the ERA website, go to www.epdmroofs.org.