Quicksilver Engineering has added rubber pads to the quick, one-piece, collapsible stands of its SpeedStand Warning Line System.

Four ¾” thick rubber pads are fitted to the end of the legs of each stand. The pads contact the roof at the 4 corners of their broad base, give the stands improved skid resistance, protect the roof finish, and resist abrasion from granulated cap sheets. SpeedStand’s broad base makes the stand stable in all directions so that stands can be spaced 40 feet apart. The extended spacing results in fewer stands being needed for any given roof perimeter. Fewer stands reduce cost, save set up labor, and reduce handling.

The total contact area of the 4 pads is only 12 square inches. This small pad area can be quickly cleaned with a solvent to avoid marking new roof membranes when the pads pick up roof debris.

For more information, visit www.qe-1.com