DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. -- Polyglass U.S.A., Inc. has published a new electronic newsletter to provide roofing professionals with another valuable source of information.  The quarterly newsletter ─Q News─ shares regular updates about Polyglass and the roofing industry. 

Q News is one of many resources developed by Polyglass to help roofing professionals learn about the wide range of roofing solutions available and diversify their product offerings. The Q News content is short and concise with links to more detailed information. The newsletter is sent directly to roofing professionals who subscribe to it.  

Through Q News, customers and prospects will be more informed about Polyglass’ new and existing modified bitumen membranes, roof coatings, rewards program, seminars, training for contractors, events and other important news. Q News subscribers can expect information that will help them stay ahead of industry roofing trends.  As one of the top leaders in the roofing industry, Polyglass is at the center of roofing conversations and will deliver relevant content through Q News. Roofing professionals can sign up through the subscription page on the Polyglass website. 

“Q News is an important communications tool for Polyglass,” stated Senior Marketing Manager Melissa Mulligan. "It not only allows us to engage with customers and prospects, but it demonstrates Polyglass’ overall commitment to the roofing industry.” 

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