JOPLIN, Mo.-- TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has launched a new logo for its Envision composite decking line, creating a new visual identity for the brand as it approaches its five year anniversary. The logo for TAMKO's classic composite decking product, EverGrain, also received an update. Both new logos will be on display during the 2016 Remoding | DeckExpo | JLC Live Show (R|D|J) next week in Baltimore along with the introduction of a new decking product for the Envision line.

The updated Envision logo, with its blue accents and stylized "E" fashioned from four composite decking boards, represents a more modern look for the Envision brand portfolio, while paying homage to the heritage of TAMKO's composite decking line introduced nearly 20 years ago.  As the look and application of composite decking continues to evolve, so does Envision. 

Senior Director Decking for TAMKO, Brian Lowry, said, "Our objective is to achieve strong growth for TAMKO's composite decking, so it made sense to update to a new Envision logo which clearly brands our family of capped composite decking products. As we add new capped products, they will fall under one family name: Envision."

There are more exciting announcements to come, as TAMKO moves to expand its line of composite decking, including the release of a new product for the Envision line to be introduced next week during R|D|J.  

"The recent managerial alignment of TAMKO's composite decking operation, adding my position as senior director decking and Matt Shaner as General sales manager decking, coupled with the new product addition and updated logos, showcases the direction we are headed," Lowry stated, adding, "We know our customers are as excited as we are about the future of composite decking at TAMKO." 

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