BOTHELL, Wash. - The Property Drone Consortium (PDC), a collaboration that consists of insurance carriers, roofing industry leaders and supporting enterprises and Marion County, Kan., Emergency Management announced a public-private partnership. The Property Drone Consortium will provide Marion County with an appropriate UAS, sensor, and resources.  The county will deploy the system in the event of catastrophic events to support its emergency management and response efforts.
“We’re very pleased to have developed this agreement with Marion County,” said Charles Mondello, president of the PDC.  “In exchange for providing Marion County with resources, the county will provide the PDC with imagery and data collected, which will allow our own members to assess the use of UAS for timely post-catastrophe property inspection for the rapid settlement of claims to victims in the future.” 
Marion County recognizes the potential of UAS in supporting critical government activities in emergency management planning and response. “We anticipate a wide variety of UAS applications to assist us with planning and preparing for, as well as responding to and assisting our constituents with post-disaster relief,” said Randy Frank, Director, Marion County Emergency Management. “Use cases include assessing the severity and damage from both natural catastrophes such as floods, tornados, and earthquakes; and manmade ones such as forest fires, or hazardous material spills.”
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