Aloha Construction partnered with Learning Express Toys (Lake Zurich) to launch a shopping spree for local children in need.

The children who participated in this event were members of Omni-Youth Services, a charity focused on providing educational support and advancement opportunists for children, adolescents, and young adults.

The Dave Farbaky Foundation (DFF), the charitable branch of Aloha Construction and Aloha Restoration spearheaded this event as the launching point for its future charitable events. David Farbaky, founder of the DFF and of Aloha Construction, has been an active member of Lake County Community, contributing to treatment for children with Spine Bifida Occulta and various cancer treatment centers. Understanding that sometimes all a child needs are a few toys, Farbaky chose to launch a shopping spree for a family facing hard times. With help from Omni-Youth Center, a family was selected.

The Constructing Childhood Memories: Shopping Spree, began on Sunday, August 16th. The four girls (sisters) selected Anoosheh, Azka, Kuna, and Ifra, were given a walk-through of the store by Rick Derr, owner of learning express toys and co-contributer to this event. The kids were giving sixty seconds each (sequentially) to grab as many items as they could before checkout. Many attended to cheer on these kids as they bolted through the store grabbing anything they could, leaving the larger items to their Learning Express Toy aids. The louder the cheering became the louder the crowd grew as family passing by chose to attend the event.

Exhausted, and still excited, Farbaky surprised the girls with an additional 30 second as a family to grab any items they missed.

With another successful charity completed, The Dave Farbaky Foundation is off to a good start to their goal of constructing lasting memories of local children, by those helping those less fortunate through random acts of kindness.

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