JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Reliant Roofing recently announced that the three finalists selected for its first annual Every Shingle Heart giveaway will all receive new roofs. The Every Shingle Heart initiative was created to give back to the community by providing a free roof to a local family in need. Once the nominations came in, the Jacksonville company realized they could not choose just one family. On Aug. 22, they surprised all three finalists with the news.
Angela Billings, Toni Luther and Ruby McMullen all experienced roof damage from Hurricane Matthew. They were ecstatic to learn that they would be receiving brand new roofs. Now construction will begin on Angela Billings home. 
Billings was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2014. She had a very strong family history so it was decided that a double mastectomy was the best way to go. In addition to that, she would need a full hysterectomy. She was told she would need three surgeries. Billings was engaged to be married to her boyfriend of five years just prior to the diagnosis. Still taking it all in stride at this point, Billings went in for the first surgery, the double mastectomy and 10 days after her release from the hospital her fiancé was dead. He was misdiagnosed and by the time they figured out the issue, it was too late. She was devastated, to say the least. The three surgeries turned into 10 surgeries in a little over a year’s time and she could not work. She exhausted her savings to try and keep herself and son afloat and still had to borrow money from everyone she could just to make ends meet. When Hurricane Matthew came through, all bets were off. She had leaks in three different places with buckets and pots to catch the water.

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