Boral Roofing LLC, the nation’s largest provider of sustainable clay and concrete roof tile systems, announced the launch of the new Color Guide for Lightweight Concrete Roof Tile Collections. The new guide provides a “recipe book” for homeowners looking to remodel, including inspirational color harmonies for three dominant architectural styles – traditional, transitional and contemporary.
“When it comes to curb appeal, the roof plays an important role in the façade of the house,” said Kayla Kratz, product manager of Boral Roofing. “Boral Roofing has taken the guesswork out of reroofing and remodelling by providing an exterior color guide for homeowners and the contractors working with them.”
For those looking to reroof their home for protection from the elements or looking to enhance the beauty of their home through retrofitting, the Lightweight Collections Color Guide provides direction on how best to achieve color harmony for the home exterior. The guide simplifies complex color decisions through three easy-to-use starting points: roof aesthetics, siding colors or architectural styles.
Boral Roofing’s engineered lightweight concrete tile is specifically designed for reroof and retrofit. The tile is durable, low maintenance, locally made and sourced, and offers a Class A fire rating.
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