RIALTO, Calif. — Eagle Roofing Products is launching its first ever Color of the Year and Color of the Month Series that will highlight the colors and profiles in its vast portfolio that complement today's popular paint preferences and architectural styles while embracing the transformative times we live in.

A roof makes up 40-50% of a structure's exterior, playing a big role in its overall look and curb appeal. Eagle Roofing Products' Director of Marketing, Lissette Pamplona, notes this as she spearheads the implementation of such stylistic choices, so as to inspire and further serve customers when it comes to design and roofing needs. 

"In addition to providing shelter and protection, a roof is a major design feature," said Lissette. "Different shapes, styles and roofing materials can make the appearance of an entire building feel different. So does color. Color evokes emotion and meaning, and creates harmony between interior and exterior architectural elements. At Eagle, we understand that. We offer over 150 ranges and blends that will undoubtedly match any number of color schemes and finishes; however we also know that this many options can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we created our Color of the Year and Color of the Month series. We wanted to give our customers insight on what's currently on trend while providing a little inspiration."

Color of the Year 

Today, Eagle Roofing Products introduces its 2022 Color of the Year: Brown Gray Range, a nature-inspired hue that exemplifies organic living at its finest. A subtle combination of subdued brown pigment and shades of gray, Brown Gray Range draws on natural elements like earth, wood and stone, signifying a safe and soothing presence. This fully-adaptable, attractive neutral comes in multiple concrete roof tile profiles to suit both classic and contemporary architecture as well as a variety of color palettes, resulting in gorgeous curb appeal. 

"We couldn't be happier with our selection," says Lissette. "Brown Gray Range is interesting and inviting, and induces a sense of calm, comfort and balance, which is indicative of what people are craving in these uncertain times. This mix of two popular neutrals creates a gorgeous roofscape that building professionals, designers and homeowners will love. The ease of how Brown Gray Range pairs with a wide range of monochromatic and bold palettes, as well as exterior finishes such as wood and stone makes for a beautiful, fluid design."

Color of the Month 

To kick of 2022, Eagle chose Sierra Madre as January's contemporary pick. Influenced by timeless style with a modern twist, Sierra Madre is one of the company's most sought-after and multifaceted colors, as medium and dark shades of gray have grown increasingly popular when it comes to exterior décor. The charcoal hues with black streaking are a fantastic foundational base that gives opportunity and options to create the perfect exterior.

Sierra Madre comes in several different Eagle roof tile profiles and pairs with a variety of gorgeous paint color schemes as well as decorative materials and accents. 

Brown Gray Range and Sierra Madre are available in multiple concrete roof tile profiles. To view which profiles are available in your area or to receive a free sample, visit eagleroofing.com. For more information on Eagle Roofing Products 2022 Color of the Year and Color of the Month Series, visit the website's Design Corner area.