John Puhr, industry veteran with Triangle Fastener Corporation for over 35 years, is pleased to announce a new addition to their BLAZER Drill Screw line.
“Quick…what is the largest diameter self-drilling screw readily available from stock? If you said a ¼”, you would be correct until recently.”
In 2015, Triangle Fastener Corporation (TFC) introduced the 5/16” diameter BLAZER® 3 self-drilling screw in six lengths ranging from 1” to 8”. They will drill and tap metal thicknesses up to .210” and have a 3/8” HWH that allows you to use existing tools and equipment for installation. All parts are TRISEAL® coated and offer 1,000 hours salt spray protection from corrosion when tested according to ASTM B117. They are available with or without a galvanized bonded EPDM sealing washer. 
John adds, “Consider the 5/16 diameter BLAZER® 3 drill screw when your next project calls for increased shear or diaphragm requirements. It offers an additional 460 lbs. of shear strength over a ¼” diameter self-drilling screw. It also is a great “filler screw” when replacing ¼” diameter screw in a maintenance or retrofit situation.” For more information, visit