WASHINGTON — Are you working on a beautiful asphalt roofing project this season? The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) is looking for the top commercial and residential asphalt roofing projects to showcase in its 2016 Quality Asphalt Roofing Case Study (QARC) Awards Program.

The QARC Awards are open to contractors, consultants, architects and specifiers working with asphalt roofing products. The top three projects that best demonstrate the beauty, affordability and reliability of asphalt roofing will take the prize!

Submissions for the 2016 QARC Awards Program are currently being accepted through Thursday, Dec. 31. Roofing professionals can submit as many projects as they want without any cost to enter.

Submitting a project is simple. Industry professionals can enter their project online through the QARC Awards page of ARMA’s website by providing a description of the project and explaining why and how asphalt products were used. High-resolution photos of the completed project are also required for submission. Bothnew construction and renovation projects are eligible for the program.

“The gold, silver and bronze winners of the QARC Awards Program are selected by leaders in the roofing industry,” said Reed Hitchcock, executive vice president of ARMA. “Previous recipients have been chosen for the beauty that their project displays, as well as how it demonstrates the benefits of asphalt roofing systems. From weather protection and energy efficiency to fire and wind resistance, QARC winners demonstrate the breadth of performance that asphalt roofing systems provide.”  

ARMA awards cash prizes to the top three roofing projects, and the winners are featured in national roofing trade publications. For more information, visit www.asphaltroofing.org.