ATLANTA — Atlas Roofing is excited to kick off its latest incentive program to reward roofing contractors who install Summit® 60 Synthetic Underlayment. Contractors will receive a $25 Prepaid Visa Gift Card for every five rolls of Summit 60 Synthetic Underlayment they install, now through Oct. 31, 2015. There's no limit to the number of gift cards a contractor can earn. Atlas encourages roofing professionals to take advantage of the busy roofing season and experience unlimited cash-earning potential while installing peace of mind for homeowners.

The underlayment provides a moisture-resistant secondary weather barrier to protect roofs from wind-driven rain and exposure to the elements, should the shingles fail. Summit 60 is designed to enhance the life of the roof and qualifies as an Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System component.

The contractor-friendly underlayment features a textured top-surface fabric to improve walkability during installation, and it’s highly resistant to tearing from either roofer traffic or UV breakdown. It can be mechanically fastened to most substrates, making it an excellent choice for new and re-roofing applications. Summit® 60 is offered in 10-square rolls, providing more coverage per roll than traditional felt, and it’s manufactured with pre-printed lay lines for easy installation.

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