ErgodyneErgodyne hard hat lanyards

 Ergodyne has announced the expansion of its Squids® Tool Lanyard Line to include two new coil hard hat lanyards: Squids 3157 Coil Hard Hat Lanyard with Buckle and Squids 3158 Coil Hard Hat Lanyard with Clamp. These coil lanyards easily secure a hard hat to a worker, preventing the hard hat from falling at heights, while the coil design reduces lanyard length, preventing snag and tangle hazards. The coil design features the ability to reduce lanyard length. This not only prevents snag and tangle hazards, it also keeps the lanyard away from a worker's face — providing increased safety, comfort, and productivity. The Squids 3158 utilizes an easy release clamp that securely attaches to just about anything, while the 3157 houses a double-lock plastic buckle, making it the only coil hard hat lanyard with a buckle connection point specifically designed to connect to fall-protection harnesses. For more information, visit