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 Inspire AledoraSlate V-Series Roofing is a new solution in slate-style roofing. According to the company, the varied-width polymer slate tiles that replicate different sizes of natural thick slate are an alternative that rivals real slate. It’s also more economical and lighter weight for easier installation and ultra-low-maintenance. Available in four widths, the tiles represent the diverse sizes of genuine slate. These tiles can be installed in natural, non-repeating straight or staggered pattern for the most authentic appearance. With the precise surface texture and aesthetics of slate plus sharp, jagged, and irregular tile edges, the tiles create natural shadow variance and time-weathered looks similar to real slate. Aledora Slate V-Series’ palette includes Charcoal Black, Mist Grey, Olive, Steel Grey, Sage Green, Red Rock, Brandywine, multi-color mixes and custom mixes for truly unique blends. It also features a Class A fire rating, 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact rating, sustainability and a limited lifetime warranty. For more information, visit