Inspire Roofing ProductInspire Slate-Style Roofing

InSpire Aledora Slate Roofing offers the stunning look of genuine, thick slate tile at a more economical price, lighter weight and less maintenance. An innovative new solution from InSpire Roofing Products, a division of The Tapco Group, Aledora Slate Roofing is an authentic-looking, thick, slate-style roofing. With its exacting slate surface texture and appearance, sharp and jagged tile edges, and natural shadow variance, it enhances the architectural integrity and aesthetics of residential and commercial buildings. In addition, all Aledora 12-inch tiles feature irregular edges for a look that mimics genuine slate tile. While natural slate is heavy, it’s also relatively fragile. Aledora is much lighter in weight than slate, yet it’s extremely strong and impact-resistant. Since it is lighter, it’s also much easier to install and can be nailed by hand or nail gun. Because it places less load on roofs and helps preserve the roofing structure under the tiles, it is ideal for re-roofs or for buildings not designed to bear the heavier weight of real slate tile. Choose from an array of natural slate colors. Aledora Slate Roofing features a Class A fire rating, 110 mph wind uplift rating, Class 4 impact rating, sustainability and an industry-leading limited lifetime warranty. For more information, visit: