Fire Vent • The Bilco Company

Bilco’s Lumivent® is a domed automatic fire vent that provides natural daylight, energy efficiency and the protection of automatic fire venting. It features translucent Lexan® Thermoclear® glazing, which maximizes light transmittance, reduces solar heat gain and is surface treated to prevent ultraviolet degradation. The design of the vent gives a sleek look to roofs, and its unique multi-wall cover construction provides an increase of more than 40 percent in insulation performance compared to traditional domes. It is designed to open automatically in the event of a fire, allowing smoke, heat and gases to escape, and assisting firefighters in their containment efforts. For more information, visit


Skylight Informational Videos  • VELUX America

VELUX offers three informational and instructional videos for roofing industry professionals. Topics include skylight replacement profit potential and customer benefits, skylight selection and skylight installation. The videos feature VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights explaining the advantages of skylight replacement or new installations during scheduled roofing work from the roofer and customer perspectives. The videos cover ease of installation (no electrical or wiring required due to solar power), advantages of combining the jobs for both the roofer and homeowner, and sales points explaining the 30 percent Federal tax credit eligibility for homeowners. The videos can be viewed at


Fiberglass Panels  • Dipcraft Mfg. Co.

Dipcraft’s fiberglass skylights provide the perfect green roof solution to meet building lighting requirements. Translucent, reinforced, corrugated fiberglass skylight panels substantially reduce the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the inside of your building. Various corrugated shapes are available to nest with existing corrugated metal panels, eliminating the need for additional flashing or roof curbs. For more information, visit


Smart Daylighting System • Firestone Building Products

The SunWave™ SMRT Daylighting System is a premium lighting solution from Firestone Building Products that uses innovative GPS technology and mirrors to actively track the sun’s movement in order to bring high levels of diffused light into commercial buildings. The system can reduce energy use for lighting by as much as 50-80 percent. For more information, visit


Skylight Fall Protection  • Garlock Safety Systems

SkyDome is Garlock’s solution to protect accidental falls through skylights. Unprotected skylights are a hazard that should be part of a fall protection plan. Easy no-tool installation for temporary or permanent installations. Skydome simply sets in place over the skylight. Many sizes and colors are available in a non-penetrating design that meets OSHA 1910.23(a) (4) and 1926.501(b) (4). Easy configurator assures proper sizing. For more information, visit


Single-Slope Skylights  • Major Industries

For a unique blend of glare-free light and thermal performance in an economical and simple-to-install package, take a closer look at LightBasic™ Quick Ship™ single-slope skylights. They are pre-engineered and ship assembled in a number of standard sizes from 4 feet by 4 feet up to 5 feet by 20 feet, offer two sheet color options, can be insulated and come standard with a durable, clear anodized finish. They also feature a self-flashing design that makes them easy to install, and utilize a 100 percent acrylic-based AcrylitGC® face sheet for long-term dependability and light control. For more information, visit


VTECH Industries

VTECH Skylights provides an innovative solution to daylighting concerns. During the design process, the company utilizes RIM technology to offer a durable, maintenance-free and leak-proof product. Every skylight it manufactures is a solid-state system that comes with a 20-year fall protection and complete system warranty, both of which reduce overall liability. VTech installs its individual skylights in clusters and pyramids, which can be engineered to unique configurations and offer safety without the need of screens or guards. Additionally, all VTech Skylights have a DADE county NOA number, a Florida Building Code Council Certification and the AAMA Gold Certification for the aliphatic polyurethane material. For more information, visit


Polycarbonate Panels  • Palram Americas

Palram Americas offers SunSky® polycarbonate panels for daylighting applications. Palram’s proprietary MetalMatch™ technology allows for rapid matching of existing corrugated metal profiles. As a result, Palram has developed the world’s largest catalog of corrugated polycarbonate profiles. SunSky profiles feature co-extruded UV protection. In fact, SunSky is warranted for 10 years against loss of light transmission due to yellowing and against damage due to hail. For more information, visit


Commercial Daylighting System  • Soltatube International

Daylighting a high bay or high ceiling space requires massive amounts of natural light. Traditional skylights had previously been the only option for this type of commercial application, but they often delivered insufficient daylight to large buildings. This made it necessary to supplement with electric lighting, defeating the purpose of daylighting in the first place. Finally, an answer: The new Solatubew SkyVault® Series M74 DS with Collector is the first commercial daylighting system to employ a specially designed vertical lens that boosts light output under marginal conditions. For more information, visit


Crystal Light Columns  • Lightway

An extreme amount of incoming daylight illuminates Lightway’s light columns produced from massive crystal. The sun rays then pass through the glassy material and dynamically brighten their surroundings in the full-color spectrum and brilliance which is sunlight. Simply no other light can replace the sun’s during the day. For more information, visit