Fully Encapsulated Skylight

Carlisle SynTec offers DryLight - a fully encapsulated skylight that provides enhanced energy savings. DryLight is available with an industry-leading, total-system warranty that covers any leakage in the skylight, the curb and the installation for up to 20 years. Its unique encapsulation technology provides a durable bond between the frame and the dome, reducing the leakage typically associated with traditional skylights.

For more information, visitwww.carlisle-syntec.com.

EnerGen Solar Roofing System

CertainTeed’s EnerGen system, featuring integrated UNI-SOLAR thin-film laminates, has flexible solar modules that seamlessly integrate with traditional asphalt roofing shingles. The system’s lightweight design requires no rooftop penetrations, making it easier for contractors to install while maintaining roof deck integrity. The laminates lie flush with the remainder of the traditional roofing shingles, providing a streamlined, visually appealing appearance. Its flexible design allows it to be customized to meet a home’s specific energy needs and environmental conditions. Its versatility makes it perfect for residential remodeling or new construction projects.

For more information, visitwww.certainteed.com.

Glare-Free Daylighting

Birdair Inc. introduces Tensotherm with Nanogel, a composite roofing system that solves an important industry challenge - insulating fabric membrane. Tensotherm offers the prospect that tensile architecture with fabric membrane roofing systems will be accepted as a viable roofing option for more mainstream types of construction because it can insulate like standard roofing while continuing to offer freedom of form, lightweight advantages for long-span structures and natural daylighting. The product consists of Cabot Corporation’s Nanogel aerogel sandwiched between two layers of structural PTFE fiberglass membrane.

For more information, visitwww.birdair.com.

Skylight Roof Hatch

Bilco’s Type GS roof hatch offers the security and convenience of a roof hatch with the added benefit of a skylight. The clear polycarbonate dome does not require a fall protection screen and is coated for UV resistance. Hatches feature aluminum construction, full gasketing for weathertightness, and lift assistance for easy one-hand operation.

For more information, visitwww.bilco.com.

Energy Star Residential Skylight

Wasco Skylights introduces the 30-30 Triple Glazed Series, a residential skylight that provides 55 percent greater insulating value than a conventional double-paned skylight. Coated with three layers of silver, the glass limits solar heat gain and permits the maximum transmission of light, blocking 95 percent of ultraviolet rays and reducing window heat gain in the Wasco units by as much as 69 percent as compared to identical skylights constructed with two panes of clear glass. The new skylight qualifies homeowners to receive a federal tax credit under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009.

For more information, visitwww.wascoskylights.com.

No Leak Skylights

The VELUX No Leak Skylight offers a no leak product warranty and 10-year no leak installation warranty. They feature materials and methods that make installation easier and faster plus pre-finished white frames and sashes that eliminate the need for painting. Pre-installed brackets for quick, simple blind or shade installation offer additional profit opportunities through accessories sales.

For more information, visitwww.veluxusa.comorwww.thenoleakskylight.com.

Solid State Skylight

VTech Industries introduces the Solid State Skylight. The single-piece system is created by fusing the polyurethane frame directly to the lighting surface, creating a product like no other on the market today. This bond creates a perfect seal that eliminates the chance of failure due to improper installation, weathering, or lack of compression.

For more information, call 866-491-0843 or visitwww.vtechindustries.com.

Energy-Efficient Skylight

PHP Systems/Design introduces the solid-state skylight that utilizing the RIM process. The patented materials allow the company to offer a skylight that exceeds all required codes (including Dade County, Fla.), a warranty that exceeds all industry standards, and a product that is truly without equal. The result: strength, performance, energy-efficiency and sustainability.

For more information, call 800-797-6585 or visitwww.phpsd.com.

Daylighting System

The Solatube Daylighting System utilizes state-of-the-art design and materials to provide natural lighting to any commercial or residential building. The systems capture sunlight on the rooftop, redirect it down a highly reflective shaft and then diffuse an abundance of pure natural, daylight throughout the interior space. The systems can be easily incorporated into either retrofit or new construction applications.

For more information, call 888-765-2882 or visitwww.solatube.com.

Custom Skylights

E-Skylight Inc.’s website was launched a decade ago and remains the most revolutionary way to plan, design, and order custom skylights. In just minutes, you can design a custom skylight using our seven simple step process. Choose a custom design, including pitch, glass and finish. The company’s experienced sales department is always available.

For more information, visitwww.e-skylight.com.

Industrial Skylights

Sunoptics Signature Series 5-foot-by-6-foot skylights are ideal for industrial and warehousing markets. They maximize effective aperture area to the majority of building structural designs while minimizing construction costs in deck reinforcement. Sunoptics glazing provides 35 percent more light transmission compared to competitive skylights, while providing 100 percent diffusion for glare-free, UV damage-free, high-performance daylighting.

For more information, call 800-289-4700 or visitwww.sunoptics.com.

Fiber Optic Skylight

The HUVCO Parans Fiber Optic Skylight is a unique way to bring natural light deep into an interior space. The system is comprised of an exterior daylight collecting panel which has 64 Fresnel lenses that track the sun automatically. The focused sunlight is directed into a fiber optic cable, which can be routed through walls or ceilings and bent around obstructions. There are a variety of diffusers available, including a hybrid fixture that will automatically turn the electric lights off when the natural light is sufficient.

For more information, call 301-432-0678 or contact Eric G. Huffman at erich@huvco.com.

Solar Module Panel

Sharp’s NU-235F3 235-watt solar module is the most powerful residential model on the market. Featuring an attractive black backsheet and sleek black frame, it is versatile enough to be installed on nearly any roof. An advanced cell surface texturing process increases light absorption and improves efficiency. Tempered glass, EVA lamination and weatherproof backskin provide long life and enhanced cell performance. The NU-235F3 is covered by a 25-year limited warranty on power output.

For more information, call 800-BE SHARP or visitwww.SharpUSA.com.

CIGS-Based Photovoltaic Module

SoloPower, a California-based manufacturer of flexible, thin-film solar photovoltaic cells and modules, announced the launch of its debut CIGS-based, thin-film, lightweight, flexible SFX1-i Photovoltaic module. The SoloPower SFX1-i module produces high-power, lightweight, flexible Photovoltaic modules utilizing a low-cost, roll-to-roll electroplating process. The SFX1-i module represents the first of several products of SoloPower’s flexible module product line, which includes the SFX1-i3 module and the SFX2 module. SoloPower’s roll-to-roll manufacturing process offers unique cost advantages including low capital expenditures, high line throughput and excellent material utilization.

For more information, visitwww.solopower.com.

Mounting System for PV Panels

Cooper B-Line offers the ARISTATM Mounting System for solar photovoltaic (PV) commercial rooftop applications. The versatile new system is Cooper B-Line’s first available stocked solar PV mounting system, designed to meet budgetary and installation requirements. The field adjustable system’s pre-assembled fittings and clamps make installation quick and easy. It can be used to support virtually any solar PV panel type or size, and can be landscape or portrait mounted. Ballasted and positively tied options provide added flexibility, while the system’s hinged design allows for rooftop maintenance without disconnecting panels.

For more information, call 877-586-8607 or visitwww.cooperblinesolar.com.