Standing Seam Solar Systemsky


MT Solar PV Standing Seam roofing utilizes photovoltaic technology to provide energy to the building. The standing seam profile combined with the solar cells creates an excellent eco-friendly solution for any building project. Because the paneling used is fabricated with sustainable materials such as zinc, this roofing application is ideal for use in green construction projects as well. For more information, visit



sky1Solar Mounting and Racking Systems


Each and every component in the TRA-Mage Solar Mounting line is designed to create a perfect foundation for solar panel systems. The company offers flush mount – shingle, slate, standing seam and tile, ballasted, elevated, ground mount and awning solutions. For more information, call 800-606-8980 or visit



Integral Curb Skylight With Guardsky2

Plasteco, Inc.

Plasteco offers a complete line of commercial, industrial and architectural skylights in acrylic and glass glazing. Pictured is Model 209 with an integral curb and FallGuard® skylight screen, which can also be installed on existing skylights to meet OSHA 1926.501. The models are available for acrylic dome skylights, standing seam skylights and corrugated fiberglass panels used in metal roofs. For more information, call 800-231-6117 or visit



sky3Translucent Skylights and Wall Systems

Major Industries, Inc.

Guardian 275® translucent skylights and wall systems provide energy-saving, glare-free natural light while offering enhanced thermal performance over traditional daylighting systems. They feature a lightweight sandwich panel design with advanced face sheet technology and built-in moisture management that ensures long-term performance — all backed by industry-long warranties. For more information, call 888-759-2678 or visit



Premium Daylighting Solutionssky4

Firestone Building Products

Firestone SunWave SMRT™ (Solar Motion Response Technology) Daylighting System provides better performance and sustained savings. Using the latest in GPS technology and mirrors, SunWave SMRT actively tracks the sun’s movement to bring high levels of diffused natural light into buildings, allowing businesses and schools to reduce their energy use for lighting by up to 50-80 percent. The SunWave SMRT Skylight System comes with a 10-year Firestone Red Shield Warranty. For more information, visit



sky5Prismatic Skylight


The SunWeld™ Prismatic Skylight offers maximum diffused light resulting in increased energy savings and value. The unique computer-designed tri-arch dome shape manufactured from two layers of high-impact acrylic sheet with a K 12 prism pattern maximizes diffused Visible Light Transmission (VLT) and ensures superior mechanical and thermal properties. For more information, visit



Freestanding Skylight Fall Protectionsky6

Garlock Safety Systems

Sky-Dome™ is one-piece, freestanding, lightweight system that prevents people from falling through skylights. To use, simply set in place and walk away — no mechanical attachment to the skylight or roof is required. Features include all-steel construction and a powder coated finish in safety yellow. BIM objects are available for free download at ARCAT. For more information, call 877-791-4446 or visit



sky7Solid-State Skylights

VTECH Industries

VTECH Industries’ patented materials and manufacturing processes offer the first and only fully encapsulated, Solid-State Skylight that exceeds all required codes (including Miami-Dade County), surpasses all industry standards, and is thermal efficient, sustainable product that will not leak, warp, or require any maintenance, according to the company. For more information, call 866-491-0843 or visit




Prismatic Skylightssky8


Acralight now features the AcraStar XL Prismatic Skylight and the AcraStar XL Plus with Infra-red, which features heat reduction technology for energy efficiency. The company also offers the Vertex OSHA Compliant Skylight, the NanoStar Skylight with Lumira Aerogel translucent insulation, and the AcraStar HR Series hurricane resistant Miami / Dade County Approved skylights. For more information, call 800 325-4355 or visit



sky9Solar Roofing System


The Apollo® Solar Roofing System features highly efficient, integrated polycrystalline solar panels. Each slim, 12-pound module features 14 high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. Apollo is durable, resistant to wind uplift, and can easily be installed on an existing or new roof. It is offered in pre-engineered kits containing all components necessary for installation. For more information, visit



Roof Hatch With Skylightsky10


Bilco’s Type GS roof hatch offers the security and convenience of a roof hatch with the added benefit of a skylight. The clear polycarbonate dome does not require a fall protection screen and is coated for UV resistance. Hatches feature aluminum construction, full gasketing for weathertightness, and lift assistance for easy one-hand operation. For more information, visit



sky11Solar Thermal Collectors

Sun Master

Sun Master unveils the next development in solar thermal technology and presents a new collector that includes all necessary installations and can be very simply mounted on any roof — with no need to install a separate electricity or water supply. For more information, visit




Tube Skylightsky12

Owens Corning

 Owens Corning recently introduced the Illuminator™ Tube Skylight, a cost-effective alternative to traditional skylights. The Illuminator Tube Skylight provides up to 500 watts of evenly-distributed natural light and is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty, offering homeowners complete coverage against manufacturing defects for as long as they own their home. The one-piece seamless flashing is designed to prevent leaking and is easy to install, with standard installation taking 1-3 hours. A Solar Powered Dimmer is available for all 10-inch Illuminator™ Tube Skylight kits. For more information, visit