BEACHWOOD, Ohio — Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has introduced SkyBEAM(Building Envelope Asset Mapping) for use throughout Canada. SkyBEAM is a groundbreaking program that uses unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with high-resolution thermographic (infrared) and video cameras to help Tremco’s customers locate where their facilities may be leaking energy through gaps in the roof, façade or elsewhere, or may have wet insulation, and to find and photograph other potential problems on the building.

SkyBEAM’s thermographic camera graphically depicts energy inefficiencies by showing temperature variations within the building, a result of problems that can lead to increased operating costs, occupant discomfort and other issues. Poor or missing sealing around windows, for example, typically allows energy to escape. On rooftops, wet insulation retains heat longer than dry insulation; wet insulation can cause enormous long-term damage if not removed.

“Using SkyBEAM to gather building data is faster, more thorough and safer than any other method,” said Paul Sheehy, Tremco Roofing’s vice president of sales. “Instead of standing on the ground and trying to map the façade of a multi-story building by holding a thermal or video camera, or by sending someone up in a lift, we program the UAV to fly to the precise height, do the mapping and return. We can now map buildings without the expense of tools such as scaffolding, so we can find problems for our customers that would have been virtually impossible to detect before. SkyBEAM also eliminates the need to send technicians onto rooftops to conduct infrared scans, which means no safety risks.”

SkyBEAM is available to Tremco Roofing’s customers anywhere in Canada through a relationship with Toronto-based Industrial SkyWorks, experts in aerial mapping and reporting.

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