ERICO® and TRUFAST® have teamed together to market the CADDY® PYRAMID family of rooftop pipe and equipment supports to the roofing market in North America. Steve Marrero, CADDY PYRAMID manager, ERICO, said, “The CADDY PYRAMID range offers contractors and building management professionals roof-friendly, labor-saving engineered solutions. Oftentimes 50 percent of a roofing project’s cost is labor, so we are constantly working to reduce the time it takes to install our products.”

TRUFAST brings a vast distribution network and the reach to make sure product is where you need it, when you need it. Brian Breitbart, California regional sales manager, TRUFAST, has seen sales skyrocket in his area as contractors are finding that CADDY PYRAMID delivers on its promises. He said, “My roofing contractors have used wood and other rubber and plastic products in the past, but they love the flexibility and fast install that comes with using CADDY PYRAMID’s EZ and ST strut based supports.”

For example, Sean Rauch, general manager at Nations Roof Northern California, recently used the CADDY PYRAMID ST on a 637-square project in San Francisco. They chose the CADDY PYRAMID 6-inch strut-based support. “The support provided both aesthetics and functionality.” Rauch said. “Not needing the ‘slip’ or protective sheet under CADDY PYRAMID supports like you do with other pipe supports allowed us to install the pipe supports faster, ultimately saving us on labor and materials, getting us off the project much faster and on budget.”

Rauch was referring to the foam pad that is integral to the thermoplastic molded CADDY PYRAMID Supports. The polyethylene pad provides a roof-friendly interface that eliminates membrane compatibility issues and provides even load distribution. Evenly distributing the load minimizes the point loading that is common with wood and other engineered supports.

Bret Lindstrom, project manager at TSP Roof Systems Inc. in Southern California, has also found success with CADDY PYRAMID at One Colorado, a historic mixed-use center in Old Pasadena, Calif. He is using the CADDY EZ Series of EPDM supports for piping. Lindstrom said, “The distances between the roof and pipes always vary. The CADDY EZ supports are easily height adjustable, which saves us time and labor and gets me off the job quicker. This is a no-brainer versus wood blocks and other rubber products.”

According to Breitbart, TRUFAST is committed to having product stocked locally. As attested to by Rauch, “It certainly helped that Brian had the product stocked locally. Time is money.”

For more information on the complete line of CADDY Fastening and Support Solutions, contact your local TRUFAST distributor, or contact TRUFAST Sales Service Department at 800-443-9602.

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