A good utility player will bring flexibility and an array of skills to help a team succeed in multiple ways. But what if your team had the chance to have a great utility player — one not simply multi-skilled and flexible, but literally the absolute best for any need the team had? What do you call a player like that, with the skills to lead the league at every position?

A game changer? In the metal roofing industry, the Quadro Rollformer has earned that distinction.

The most advanced portable rollforming system in the world, Quadro combines the best aspects of German engineering and American market savvy. The engineers at Schlebach initially designed a top-quality single-profile rollformer, but the folks at MetalForming Inc. knew that to meet the needs of North American metal roofing contractors, they needed a machine that could produce different roof panel profiles quickly and efficiently, in a factory or out on a jobsite.

They needed the Swiss Army knife of portable rollforming — and they got it. Quadro makes more profiles (soffit, nail strip, snap seam, mechanical lock) than any other product, with compressed changeover times of 30 seconds to 10 minutes. It makes double starter panels and taper panels, and it has undergone more UL testing than any player on the field today, from wind uplift to hail damage to air and water penetration.

“It’s the only machine of its kind in the world with instant changeover from one profile to another by simply rotating tooling cassettes,” said Geoff Stone, CEO of MetalForming Inc. “That was the original thing we invented, and it’s the reason it became the number-one bestseller virtually overnight. It is more flexible than any other machine in the world, and it has more capabilities than any other machine. It’s totally modular, so you can start with a simple base machine and add any accessory, tool or function any time you want — or never if you don’t want.”

You start with the Quadro-Plus and grow the machine’s capabilities all the way to the Quadro Cinco (computer integrated notching and cutting operations), which not only rollforms but also parallel notches for the eaves edge fold and angle cuts the hips and valleys — all with incredible accuracy and speed.

“You can download a complete roofing job into the control of Quadro Cinco, change as drawn to as built and make a finished cut-up roof on the ground that will fit the roof plane without any manual cutting,” Stone said. “Put it all together, and you can reduce the amount of installation time for a cut-up metal roof by as much as 25 percent. And because it is all modular, you can literally take a 13-year-old Quadro today and turn it into a Quadro Cinco tomorrow.”

With an average portable rollformer — a good utility player — you may need to buy two or three to get the options you need. But a Quadro can become any machine you need, a far cheaper investment in the long run and a game changer for roofing contractors, whether the next job’s a big commercial building in the heart of a major metro or a beautiful home perched on a remote mountain top.

 For more information, visit www.metalforming-usa.com