Metal Roof Sealant • Novagard Solutions

Novagard Solutions introduces Novaflex® Metal Roof Sealant for commercial and residential metal roofing applications. This product offers superior performance and adhesion, and easier use and clean-up than traditional, solvent-based or polyurethane sealants. Novaflex is a specially engineered silicone metal roof sealant that has been shown to offer more outstanding adhesion to Kynar® coated metal, steel and aluminum metal roof substrates than other roofing sealants. It offers better UV resistance, better weatherability, tack free time of less than 15 minutes, total cure in as little as 24 hours, has shrinkage on cure of 1-4 percent, extrudes easily down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit and is mildew resistant. For more information, call 800-380-0138 or visit

Insulation and Membrane Adhesive • Carlisle SynTec

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ VOC-free, energy-efficient, impact-resistant Flexible FAST™ Adhesive is designed to securely bond insulation boards and Carlisle’s FleeceBACK® membranes to a variety of substrates. Flexible FAST offers built-in elongation and energy-absorbing properties that, in conjunction with FleeceBACK membranes, provide enhanced resistance against punctures and hail. Its low odor makes it ideal for re-roofing occupied buildings, as there is minimal disruption to building occupants. Flexible FAST Adhesive is non-flammable, provides superior wind uplift resistance and helps to seal insulation joints for increased energy efficiency. For more information, call 800-479-6832 or visit

Bonding Adhesive • Firestone Building Products

The Firestone Building Products Single-Ply LVOC Bonding Adhesive is a high-performance, solvent-based formulation for bonding TPO and EPDM membranes to approved insulations, wood, metal, masonry and other substrates. The adhesive is engineered for better mixing, easier application and faster flash off. The adhesive can be applied in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, offers a faster dry time than other solvent-based formulations and is easier to apply than water-based alternatives. The product is compliant with more than 2,000 codes and meets the Ozone Transport Commission’s (OTC) VOC Regulations.  For more information, visit

Sealant and Flashing Membrane • Gardner-Gibson

APOC Liquid Flash™ is your single-component, moisture-cured sealant and flashing membrane which doubles as a mighty adhesive. In addition to coating, sealing and protecting complex details like base flashings, curbs and penetrations, count on Liquid Flash to anchor lightning arrest cables to the roof membrane or parapet walls, and base flashings to vertical curbs. The product is versatile — use it to spot adhere walk pads and to adhere metal signage on the jobsite. Offered in sausage packs, Liquid Flash provides maximum efficiency and reduces waste. Fast, easy and permanent, it reaches full strength overnight. For more information, visit

EPDM Adhesive • Mule-Hide

Mule-Hide Acrylic Water Base Bonding Adhesive is formulated for quick, clean installation of fully adhered EPDM systems. Environmentally friendly, it has no solvents or VOCs. With single-side, wet application and easier sheet positioning that requires less labor, it enables virtually wrinkle-free membrane adhesion in less time, every time. Clean-up is quick and easy. With fewer workers required to complete the job and fewer callbacks later, this fast, clean installation delivers high installed value and frees up crews to get from job to job quickly. For more information, visit

FoamABle Adhesive • Royal Adhesives & Sealants

One Step™ Foamable Adhesive is specifically formulated to reduce contractor liability, increase productivity and perform consistently every time. One Step Technology provides true all-weather performance in one single adhesive grade. Utilizing our contractor-preferred application equipment, the adhesive cannot be applied off-ratio. The adhesives are easier to work with on sloped, vertical and rough surfaces. There is a One Step Adhesive available for use with most OEM Roofing Systems. For more information, visit

Insulation Adhesive Application System • OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products’ PaceCart2 featuring patented Bag-in-Box technology can install up to 60 squares of insulation adhesive per hour. The OlyBond500® is dispensed through the Bag-in-Box delivery system, which is clean, airtight and easy to load. The OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesive is applied in bands typically 6 or 12 inches on center. After the adhesive begins to rise and spread, the insulation is placed into the adhesive and walked into place.                  PaceCart2 is low maintenance, lightweight and ideal for high-production roof projects. For more information, visit

Roof Sealant • Titebond

Titebond developed its newest roof sealant, Roof Plus, for a wide variety of roofing applications. It provides excellent adhesion to a range of substrates: shingle and tiled roofs, sheet roofing, wood forms, flashings, edge and ridge tiles, and liquid-applied roofs. In addition, contractors can apply the sealant in temperatures from 20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The ready-to-use formula requires no mixing. In addition, its clear formulation blends with most substrates. For more information, visit

Multi-Purpose Cement  • Topps Products

Topps Polyprene® is new and improved with special wet-surface adhesives for emergency all-weather repairs. The multi-purpose, multi-surface cement can be used for a variety of applications including general reinforcement and repairs to flashings around equipment. It is excellent for crack repair and in gaps. The product is available in gray or bone white, and in easier-to-handle 3-gallon pails and tubes. For more information, visit         

High-Performance Sealants • Triangle Fastener Corp.

TFC offers a full line of high-performance sealants for the roofing industry. The ULTRA1000® Silicone Sealant is engineered for long life and produces superior adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. The APS 500™Advanced Polymer Sealant is formulated to provide the strength of polyurethanes with the weathering resistance of silicones, and it is paintable. The TFC 100™ and TFC 116™ Polyurethane Sealant are formulated to cure rapidly and are available in many colors. They are UV resistant, provide long-life performance, and are available in smooth or textured finish. For more information, visit

Structural Adhesive • Chem Link

Chem Link now offers its universal adhesive/sealant, M-1, in handy 5-ounce squeeze tubes. M-1 can be used for a wide range of roofing applications: flashing repair, sealing termination bars and coping joints, and even for emergency repairs. Because M-1 cures by reacting with moisture, it can even be applied to roof leaks in standing water. And since the product contains no solvents, there’s no risk to contractors or building occupants. Contractors have used millions of cartridges of M-1 over the past 23 years, and now the new 5-ounce squeeze tube makes it easier than ever to use M-1. For more information, visit