VOC-Free Adhesives • The Garland Company

Garland’s family of cold-applied Green-Lock® adhesives is VOC free. The Green-Lock product line includes environmentally responsible adhesives for modified bitumen membranes and flashings, as well as a flood coat adhesive. Quick cure time and low odor make Green-Lock products ideal for hospitals, schools and other applications demanding timely turnaround and low odor. For more information, call 800-321-9336 or visit www.garlandco.com.


Polymer Sealant • Triangle Fastener Corp.

APS500™ Advanced Polymer Sealant is engineered to produce superior adhesion to metal, coated metals, wood, masonry, PVC and most common construction materials. It is a class 50 sealant that provides exceptional movement capabilities compared to other class 25 sealants. This sealant is UV resistant, paintable and provides long-life performance. It is formulated to install in temperatures as low as -32 degrees Fahrenheit and can be made in more than 100 colors. For more information, visit www.trianglefastener.com.


Leak-Repair Cement • Topps Products

Topps Polyprene High-Performance Leak Repair Cement is ideal for general reinforcement and repairs to flashings around equipment, vent pipes, chimneys, sign holders, etc., as well as anywhere two dissimilar or similar materials meet. Excellent for crack repair and with gaps, it expands and contracts with the movement of building materials and stays watertight. Now available in easy-to-handle, 3-gallon pails in grey and bone white. For more information, visit www.toppsproducts.com.



Cold-Applied Bonding Adhesive  • Polyglass U.S.A.

PG 350 is a cold-applied bonding adhesive for SBS modified bitumen base sheets and smooth or granulated cap sheets, and is suitable for use as an adhesive for APP sand back membranes. PG 350 bonds gravel or mineral granules to BUR roof systems and modified cap sheets, adheres to the substrate with superior lap shear adhesion, and eliminates the need for kettles and torches. Asbestos free, PG 350 performs within 24 hours and is fully cured after 30 days. For more information, visit www.polyglass.us.


Insulation Adhesive Applicator  • OMG Roofing Products

OMG Roofing Products has introduced a fully assembled, stand-up, cordless applicator for use with its OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesive. The new applicator features an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery that lasts up to 40 percent longer than the NiCad battery on its predecessor. In addition, the new tool comes with two batteries, a charger and a heavy-duty canvas bag for ease of transport. For more information, call 800-633-3800 or visit www.omgroofing.com.


Metal Roof Sealant • Novagard Solutions

Novagard Solutions introduces Novaflex® Metal Roof Sealant for commercial and residential metal roofing applications. This product offers superior performance and adhesion, and easier use and clean-up than traditional, solvent-based or polyurethane sealants. Novaflex is a specially engineered silicone metal roof sealant that has been shown to offer more outstanding adhesion to Kynar® coated metal, steel and aluminum metal roof substrates than other roofing sealants. It offers better UV resistance, better weatherability, tack free time of less than 15 minutes, total cure in as little as 24 hours, has shrinkage on cure of 1-4 percent, extrudes easily down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and is mildew resistant. For more information, call 800-380-0138 or visit www.novagard.com.


Modified Bitumen Adhesive • Chem Link

SBS Mod-bit Adhesive was designed more than a decade ago by Chem Link with both performance and environmental and contractors’ safety in mind. It cures into a highly elastic rubber film to accommodate roof movement. This easy-to-work-with adhesive makes the building contractor’s job easier in humid, damp or cold environments. The proven field performance of this polyether-based technology shows none of the disadvantages of water-based or solvent-based products. No solvents or isocyanates mean no shrinkage, odor or outgassing, no performance issues or haz-mat or health concerns, and no environmental risks or restrictions for occupants of schools, hospitals or contractors. For more information, visit www.chemlink.com.


Two-Part Polyurethane Adhesive • Firestone

Firestone Building Products XR Stick™ Adhesive is a two-part polyurethane adhesive that roofing professionals can use over a variety of existing substrates such as insulation, concrete, wood and metal. It offers an environmentally friendly option to comply with LVOC regulations. In addition, it provides a low odor, as well as quick and easy installation. This adhesive works in conjunction with Firestone Building Products UltraPly™ TPO XR Roofing Systems, including the UltraPly TPO XR 135 membrane, which can qualify for up to a 30-year Platinum coverage. For more information, visit http://firestonebpco.com/roofing/accessories/ultraply-tpo-xr-stick-adhesive/.


Water-Base Bonding Adhesive • Mule-Hide

 Mule-Hide Acrylic Water-Base Bonding Adhesive is formulated for quick, clean installation of fully adhered EPDM systems. Environmentally friendly, it has no solvents or VOCs. With single-side, wet application and easier sheet positioning that requires less labor, it enables virtually wrinkle-free membrane adhesion in less time, every time. Clean-up is quick and easy. With fewer workers required to complete the job, and fewer callbacks later, this fast, clean installation delivers high installed value and frees up crews to get from job to job quickly. For more information, visit www.mulehide.com