The Garland CompanyGarland restoration coating

 The Garland Company recently introduced its CPR System: a highly reflective, low odor, synthetic liquid rubber membrane designed to waterproof and restore existing metal roof and wall panel systems. This lightweight, multi-layer waterproofing system will only add one-fifth of a pound per square foot to existing roof systems when completed. The CPR System provides excellent resistance to UV damage and deterioration due to weathering by forming a rubber-like monolithic membrane over the entire surface. It is designed for application to properly prepared stainless steel, galvanized metals, Galvalume®-coated metals, copper, aluminum and Kynar®-coated metal roof systems. It is available in both brush-grade or trowel-grade versions and can be easily applied over sloped, contour surfaces. When properly installed and maintained, this system can provide an additional 10-15 years of service life. For more information, visit