BRISTOL, Conn. — Morin, A Kingspan Group Company, has announced a partnership with D.I. Roof Seamers to provide customers with seamers for Morin roofing products.

“The partnership with D.I. Roof Seamers will contribute to two key factors in the growth of Morin,” Operations Director Scott Evans said. “First, it will allow Morin to focus on its core business, which is single element panels. Second, it provides a better avenue for our customers. D.I. offers training classes, online ordering, an impressive seamer maintenance program, as well as new and innovative seamers to better support our customers’ needs. In short, the partnership benefits our customers through continued quality and improved customer service.”

Morin installers needing seamers for MorZip®, SRR and SLR (2-inch 90 degrees and 180 degrees) metal roofs can find them at a website created by D.I. Roof Seamers at

“We provide seamers for 35 roof panel manufacturers in the United States and Canada, and we do it well,” said Kevin Thomas, director of sales at D.I. Seamers. “When we met with the management team of Morin, we saw the same kind of commitment to excellence for providing quality products and customer service. The partnership was a natural fit.”

D.I. Roof Seamers calls the website a one-stop experience to secure the rental of seaming tools, review manuals on equipment, view videos, peruse the FAQs section and learn more about D.I. Roof Seamers. The D.I. Roof Seamers/Morin Rental Request Form is located at

For more information, visit or