Power Tools and Accessories • Triangle Fastener Corp.

Triangle Fastener Corp. supplies a full line of power tools for drilling, sawing and cutting metal, wood, drywall and concrete. The company carries high-performance brands such as Dewalt, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, Porter Cable and Quick Drive. In addition, a full line of power-tool accessories is available including, drill bits, abrasives, carbide, extension cords, sockets and insert bits. Triangle Fastener also provides a wide range of specialty hand tools for steel fabrication. Jobsite support and training programs are available from all of the company’s 24 locations. For more information, visit www.trianglefastener.com.


Auto-Feed Screw Driving Systems • Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie Quik Drive® auto-feed screw driving systems are easy to use, durable and designed for a wide variety of fastening applications. Featuring quick-loading screw strips, precise countersink adjustment and a patented auto-advance mechanism, Quik Drive tools save time and expense on jobsites every day. The Quik Drive PRORF system is ideal for clay and concrete tile roofing. The rigid fastener strips provide hands-free screw advancement, and the professional-grade attachments provide long-lasting durability (screws are code approved). The window in tool’s nose allows for exact screw placement while the locking depth set keeps screw heads from breaking the tile. For more information, visit www.strongtie.com/quikdrive.  


Sheet Metal Bending Brakes • Van Mark Products

Custom bend, form and shear custom trim on the jobsite with the Van Mark Products line of portable sheet metal bending brakes. Increase profit margins by taking a trim shop with you to the job. Both the Mark IV Industrial TrimMaster® and the Industrial Metal Master® 20 EZ, with a 203/8-inch throat depth, are available in five different lengths from 6 feet 6 inches to 14 feet 6 inches and have bending capacities up to 20-gauge galvanized steel. For more information, visit www.van-mark.com.


Roofing Cutter • Acme Tools

HART has introduced its new roofing cutter. Its 9,600 SPMs provide superior cutting in cold weather and seamless cutting of rake edges. Durable hook blades provide 1,000 cuts per blade. The product is compact and lightweight at only 1.2 pounds, providing maximum user comfort and less user fatigue. The tool-free adjustable exhaust allows you to direct the exhaust where you want it, and the swivel quick-connect air fitting prevents hose tangles. The HART roofing cutter will save contractors time and money, and is available from Acme Tools. For more information, visit www.acmetools.com.


Material Hoists • Safety Hoist Company

This line of material hoists is rated at 200 and 400 pounds. The hoists are used to lift shingles, roof tiles, plywood and even solar panels to the work area — the roof. This allows the contractor to have materials delivered to the jobsite without paying for roofing loading and having to schedule a crew to unload the delivery. The hoists are very easy to use, available to 44 feet, and powered by either gas engines or electric motors. They also help prevent worker injuries and compensation claims. These hoists have been used successfully for more than 40 years. For more information, visit www.safetyhoistcompany.com.


Portable Railing System • Safety Rail Source

Where are my rails, plates and pins? Never wonder again! Kart-a-Rail comes together and stays together. This portable railing system transports and stores 60 feet of OSHA-compliant KeeGuard Contractor railing. The product has large tires for easy rolling and lifting points for cranes. It includes 98-pound recycled PVC bases with handles for easy lifting. For more information, visit             www.safetyrailsource.com.


Low-Slope Fastening Systems • SFS intec

SFS intec now offers two innovative and highly productive fastening systems for low-slope roofs. The isofast® system uses belted fasteners and plates for insulation and membrane attachment. It is a one-person, one-step, plate and fastener installation process that results in reduced labor and time on the job. The isoweldTM system utilizes induction welding to secure membrane to insulation plates, resulting in a non-penetrating roof system. It reduces the number of fastening locations as well as membrane overlap. For more information, visit www.sfsintecusa.com.


Hose Strain Relief Kit • Coxreels

The new Coxreels Hose Strain Relief Kit protects hose fittings and connections from damage when hose is fully extended. The clamp takes on the force from the over-extended hose, and protects the fittings and connections at the riser. The hose remains secured against the drum, allowing it to be routed between the riser connection and the clamp with a proper bend radius. This accessory is available for hand-crank and motorized reels with hose sizes between ½ and 1½ inch hose I.D. The drums feature mounting slots, and all existing reels can be modified to accommodate this kit. For more information, visit www.coxreels.com.


Portable Lift Conveyor • B&W Manufacturing

The new Portable Conveyor offers a 50-inch-wide runway track which gives greater load stability all the way up to the rooftop. This loading runway is 2 feet wider than standard portable conveyor models and also has a second set of parallel support belts to provide even more stability. The new Portable Conveyor comes in either a 35- or 42-foot version. Both offer continuous load delivery every nine seconds, telescoping design that makes for easy transportation on either a pickup or flatbed truck, and onsite setup time of less than 10 minutes. The 35-foot Portable Model can also be mounted on the company’s special Truck Mount Assembly that features 360-degree rotation — indexed every 30 degrees, plus a 3-ton hydraulic boom jack that provides smooth control in all directions. For more information, visit www.liftconveyor.com.


Shingle Remover • Rapid Rood Remover

The Rapid Roof Remover is a lightweight, pneumatic tool for shingle removal as well as removal of various types of flooring. This patented, American-made machine, with its 30-inch heat-treated tear-off blade, is powerful enough to remove up to five layers of shingles with fasteners in a single pass. This greatly increases productivity with less physical effort and manpower. For more information, visit www.rapidroofremover.com.


Portable Compressors  • Jenny Products

Jenny Products Inc. offers its line of GT series gas-powered, two-stage wheeled portable compressors. Designed to meet the needs of professional contractors, the GT series consists of four reliable compressor models that can be moved easily around the jobsite. All four models feature the GT pump — a heavy-duty, two-stage cast iron compressor pump that is powered by an eight-horsepower Honda GX series OHV gasoline engine with standard recoil start and optional electric start. The compressors come with numerous standard features for optimal reliability and reduced maintenance requirements. Professional-duty Jenny “Ultimate Blue” compressor-pump oil combined with a splash lubricating system protects the pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders. The units are belt driven with a large flywheel for easy startups and extra cooling. For more information, visit www.jennyproductsinc.com.


Digital Asset Storage Vault • WernerCo

WernerCo has introduced industry’s first jobsite storage box custom designed to protect digital assets. For more than 50 years, Knaack has secured professional’s assets on the jobsite, and now DataVault connects jobsite professionals to technology with the first fully protected digital plan storage station for onsite job management. The KNAACK DataVault solution allows easy integration with Building Information Modeling (BIM), a proven and growing construction project management system designed to create efficient jobsite communication of project updates and changes. The product is a complete storage solution that hosts the hardware and software all in one place. It includes a 40-inch monitor, color-laser printer, retractable keyboard, whiteboards, an array of sliding shelves, USB switch and hub, wireless router port, computer tower ports, on-board emergency power and additional technology components. For more information, visit www.knaack.com or www.wernerco.com.


Membrane Cutter • Everhard Products

Everhard’s new Membrane Slitter is perfect for TPO and PVC membranes. It is made from durable nylon, and is lightweight and compact. Cutting the membrane is made simple by a guide on the bottom of the tool sliding under the membrane and into the cutting blade. The cutter’s sloping nose allows easy tracking of cutting line. The Membrane Slitter uses standard, three-hole slitter blades. The blade is safely mounted in secure housing making it easy to replace and rotate the blade. Replacement blades are available. For more information, visit www.everhard.com.


Shear Attachment • Malco Products

The Malco No. TSCM TurboShear quickly attaches to a corded or cordless drill to make easy cross cuts, fast lengthwise cuts, and circular and square outlets in large- or small-pattern corrugated metal roofing, and most trapezoidal-pattern metal roofing panels. Elongated blades with compact jaws are set at a 75-degree offset so that the drill is held at a nearly vertical approach when starting a cut. As the offset blades follow the rising angle of a corrugated or trapezoidal profile, the drill handle or battery pack has clearance to naturally tip downward and still clear the roofing panel surface. A lightweight aluminum shear head and compact polymer drill clamp allow easy portability. The telescoping drill clamp adjusts to fit popular drill sizes including smaller lithium ion units. Replacement blades are available and easily installed on the job. For more information, visit www.malcotools.com.


Portable Spray Foam Package • Intech Equipment & Supply

The Intech 747 is a portable spray foam package custom built for low-rise foam adhesives for fully adhered single-ply roofs. The 747 is a complete spray package mounted on a heavy-duty four-wheel roofing cart and includes a proportioner, generator, compressor, drum supply pumps, heated hoses, spatter foam gun, bead dispense wand, spare parts, and custom-built frame with hose rack, storage and flat working surface with vice. It is a versatile unit in that it can also be used to spray traditional foam roofing materials or spray foam insulation materials for commercial or high-rise residential applications. For more information, visit www.intechequipment.com. Automatic Overlap Welder • Hapco Inc./BAK Tools

BAK Thermoplastic Technologies delivers the new RoofOn® Edge, the automatic overlap welder that eliminates time-consuming and backbreaking hand welding along parapet walls, skylights, etc. Increase your productivity, save your knees and give your roof inspectors the consistent, quality overlap welds the industry demands with the affordable, exclusive RoofOn Edge. For more information, visit www.hapcoinc.com.


Distance Meter • RIDGID

RIDGID has introduced the micro LM-400 Advanced Laser Distance Meter. Capable of reading distances up to 229 feet in length, it is designed with many noteworthy elements for quickly and easily viewing, storing and sharing measurements. It features a large, backlit, four-line display screen; an inclination angle measurement system for indirect measurements in hard-to-reach areas; an advanced calculation feature that can adjust units instantly; and enough storage space for saving up to 20 measurements at a time. It is also IP 54 dust proof, splash proof and has an auto shutoff feature to preserve battery life. Additionally, the LM-400, via Bluetooth, is compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing users to view, store and share data remotely. For more information, visit www.ridgid.com.


Foam Cutting Tool • Assembly Supplies Co.

The TC20 Thermocutter was designed for cutting expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), polyethylene foam, styrofoam and many other materials. Press the trigger and the blades heat up instantly; the temperature is easily adjustable up to 1050 degrees. The product’s ergonomic and lightweight design is ideal for operator comfort and easy use. Its electronics will not build up heat, so the tool remains cool in the user’s hand and will operate for many years. For more information, visit www.zts20.com.


Roof Welder • Sinclair Equipment Co.

Sinclair’s 110V Walkable Roof Welder provides greater performance compared to hand-held welding from an easily accessible power source (no generator necessary). Heat weld single-ply flat seams as well as edge metal flashing. Simple to operate, this product features temperature and speed controls, automatic start, front wheel guide, handle for stand-up steering, plus much more. Made in America with durability for roofing applications in mind, Sinclair Equipment maintains a full stock of parts with trained service technicians available for maintenance needs. For more information, visit www.sineqco.com.


Compact Debris Container • Equipter

A self-propelled, drivable and compact debris container, the Equipter RB4000 streamlines shingle removal and jobsite cleanup. With more time to focus on installation, profits increase as more jobs are completed with fewer employees. The RB4000 minimizes landscape destruction and keeps lawns cleaner. For more information, visit www.equipter.com.