Lift Conveyor • B&W Manufacturing

The B&W Portable Liftconveyor™ is designed for users to bring to any worksite and load on their own schedule. According to the company, it takes just minutes to set up and loads all types of roofing and building materials. The Liftconveyor products are made of lightweight aluminum with durable polyester drive belts and self-lubricating UHMW rollers for longer service life. Liftconveyors are available in 35- and 42-foot lengths, and their telescoping design allows transport on a pickup or flatbed truck. The conveyors deliver a payload every six seconds. All products are made in the United States. For more information, visit


Cylinder Heating Belt • Catalyst Quality

This product is an alternative solution to using a torch flame to warm frozen tanks, returning tanks that still contain frozen gas or carrying along back-up cylinders. The VaporBooster heating belt is meant to allow users to maintain top-level productivity with a powerful flame all the way to the bottom of the tank. It’s specifically designed for the most common vertical cylinders. Made of silicone, the product is UV stable, non-flammable and waterproof. An expandable bungee strap secures it to the cylinder. The belt automatically maintains the optimum temperature and features a double safety thermostat. For more information, visit


Steel Hammers • DEWALT

DEWALT has introduced its new One-Piece Steel Hammers designed to provide optimal weight distribution between the hammer head and handle to deliver a high-velocity swing and strong impact. The 22-ounce Framing Hammer and the 20- and 16-ounce Nailing Hammers have features ideal for roofers. Forged from a single piece of steel, these hammers are designed to make hammering and framing easier without compromising power or efficiency. The one-piece steel design solidifies the bond between the handle and the hammer head for a Guaranteed Tough™ swing. For more information, visit


Stand-up Membrane Slitter • Everhard

Everhard’s MM21110 Stand-Up Membrane Slitter lets users cut membrane standing up instead of on hands and knees, slicing through membranes accurately and easily.The slitter is designed to cut straight or curved lines through membranes. Its unique design helps prevent accidental punctures, and it won’t damage any materials under the membrane. With two wheels for balance and a yellow pointer, the slitter’s design helps users follow scribed lines. It uses replaceable, standard utility blades inside a removable blade cartridge. This product is made in the United States. For more information, visit


Cart • Intech Equipment & Supply

The Intech PowerFlex Cart has a compact, gas-operated generator and compressor mounted on a four-wheel cart designed for commercial roof applications. With a power output of 18 KW, users can power hot-air tools and drills. An optional Spider Box can be used in conjunction with the cart to extend the length of the power cord or as a junction box to run other tools. The company will custom build to meet individual user requirements. For more information, visit


Portable Compressors • Jenny Products

Jenny Products Inc. has introduced its line of G-series single-stage, wheeled-portable compressors. Designed to meet professional needs, the G-series consists of four durable and powerful compressor models that can be moved easily around the jobsite. The G-series features the “G” pump, a heavy-duty, single-stage cast-iron compressor pump that is powered by an 8-horsepower Honda GX series gasoline engine. Special unloading valves assist in starting the engine, which comes with a recoil or electric start. The series is available with four air tank configurations. For more information, visit


Work Platform • Ladder Safety Company

Given its portability, speed of assembly and OSHA-compliant safety features, the Easi-Dec is designed to be an alternative to ladders and traditional scaffolding. The base system offers a 6.6-feet-wide platform, and optional configurations offer 4-, 8-, 23- and 26-feet-wide platforms. The system supports varied leg heights that define the platform height in 6-inch increments. A variety of leg options offer platform heights from 7 feet 6 inches to 22 feet. There are no tools required for assembly, and the base system can be erected in just four minutes. For more information, visit


Coil Nailer • MAX USA Corp.

The new CN565S2 SuperSider features reduced end-user cost while maintaining the key features professional contractors need on jobsites. The new nose design dramatically reduces driver marks as well as wire flying out when using wire-collated nails. The product also features an easy-load magazine with a foldout nail support to easily load fasteners; Anti-Double fire mechanism (U.S. Patent 5597106) that allows the tool to be contact or single fired with no adjustments; a maintenance free filter (U.S. Patent 5637125) that captures dirt and sand; a trigger lock for safety; dial-adjustable depth control; and an easy-twist adjustable exhaust deflector. For more information, visit


Warning Line • Quicksilver Engineering

The SpeedStand warning line is designed to make protecting workers from falls quick and easy. Compact, one-piece stands transport easily and set up instantly. These durable steel stands are set up 40 feet apart and meet OSHA requirements. These’s also an available model for use on standing seam metal roofs. For more information, visit


Folding Machine • Roper Whitney

Roper Whitney’s AB1014 folding machine is designed to offer unparalleled ease of use, speed and accuracy. Manufactured in Rockford, Ill., the machine has a 14-gauge bending capacity and is powered by an advanced CNC control system with a profile simulator to preview the programmed sequence. The optional rotating Kombi beam (a unique tooling assembly) adds box-bending capabilities to produce more complex shapes in less time. It handles a wide range of materials, easily closes hems and withstands the force generated by maximum capacity forming operations. For more information, visit


Low-Slope Fastening Systems • SFS intec

SFS intec now offers two innovative and highly productive fastening systems for low-slope roofs. The isofast® system uses belted fasteners and plates for insulation and membrane attachment. It’s designed to be a one-person, one-step, plate and fastener installation process that results in reduced labor and time on jobs. It’s three times faster, and therefore can potentially save contractors money. The isoweld® system utilizes induction welding to secure TPO and PVC membrane to insulation plates, resulting in a non-penetrating roof system. It can potentially save money by reducing the number of fastening locations as well as reducing membrane overlap. For more information, visit


Gang Slitter • SPAR-Marathon Roofing Supplies

This heavy duty pull-through type slitter was designed for use by roofers and sheet metal contractors. It features a rugged frame for years of solid, accurate slitting; a gear and chain drive with safety guard; precision-ground, high-carbon, high-chrome tool steel knives as standard equipment (can be reground for extended life); three pairs of cutting knives supplied standard; a heavy-gauge steel table for supporting sheets; precision ground shafts mounted between flanged bearings; and a sheet guide on both sides for safe and accurate slitting. The slitter is easily adjustable for light or heavy gauge. For more information, visit


Jigsaw Blades • Spyder Products

The Skeleton Jig Saw Blades are designed to produce a cleaner, straighter and cooler cut in hardwoods, softwoods and wood-based products. The rectangular channel section cut-outs dissipate frictional heat throughout the length of the blades so they stay cooler, resulting in less deflection and straighter cuts than traditional jigsaw blades. The blades also feature rip-cut, gill-shaped teeth for highly clean and precise cuts. These teeth allow the blade to remove material on both the up and down strokes since the teeth maintain constant contact with the wood. For more information, visit


Snips • Stanley Tools

Stanley has launched its new lineup of FATMAX® Snips for professional construction markets. These new products feature extended-life cutting blades compared to previous Snips, providing a new level of durability and longevity. New features include laser-etched ¼-inch blade markings to help make quick cuts; spring-loaded external latches for quick, one-handed operation; and low-profile hardware to prevent getting in the way while cutting. For more information, visit


Guardrail System • Tie Down Engineering

RZ Guardrail is both a portable and permanent fall safety guardrail system, and it’s ideal for protecting employees and visitors on jobsites, manufacturing facilities and crowded areas. The guardrail system provides fall protection for workers and requires no holes or roof penetration. It’s designed to be quick and easy to install and tear down with no tools required. The guardrails feature high-strength tubing that is galvanized both inside and outside. RZ Guardrails offer superior life and corrosion resistance, and carry a 10-year limited warranty. They also meet and exceed OSHA regulations for fall protection and are made in the United States. For more information, visit


Tools and Accessories • Triangle Fastener Corp.

Triangle Fastener Corporation supplies a full line of tools and accessories for drilling, driving, cutting and sawing. The company carries all major brands of standard and specialty tools designed for the professional contractor. Jobsite support and training programs are available from all 24 locations to assure proper tool use. For more information, visit