VALLEY FORGE, Pa. — CertainTeed has launched a new mobile app to support its CertaSpray® spray foam insulation. The app — designed for use on iOS and Android devices — provides installers easy access to trouble shooting and safety information, as well as useful product details.

“CertainTeed's training courses have certified hundreds of contractors throughout the country on proper spray foam safety and application techniques, and we wanted to find a way to make that expertise available where installers need it most," said Shawn Beears, manager of product management at CertainTeed Insulation. “The mobile field app provides searchable information and solutions in a few quick taps, supporting CertaSpray installers in achieving the best possible thermal performance and indoor comfort for end users."

The app's user-friendly navigation, which earned an American Web Design Award from industry publication Graphic Design USA, includes information such as safety tips, required personal protection equipment, first aid protocol and how to handle spills. It also includes advice for dealing with potential field issues, such as off-ratio foam, temperature, reactor settings and more. For each topic, links to relevant product websites, brochures, spec sheets and instructional videos are available. The app also includes a direct link to an around-the-clock safety technical support number.

The app is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information is available at

CertaSpray is available in both open-cell and closed-cell formulations and is a solution for creating air tight barriers and insulating hard-to-reach areas, such as cathedral ceilings, knee walls and roof decks. CertaSpray is backed by industry-leading training and technical support to ensure contractors, architects and builders are up to speed on the latest installation techniques and safety measures so every application achieves maximum results. CertainTeed's experts regularly hold workshops throughout the country covering everything from the history and chemical properties of spray foam insulation to its safe handling and storage. For information on upcoming training sessions, call 800-233-8990.

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