ROSEMONT, Ill. — The National Roofing Legal Resource Center (NRLRC) has released NRLRC Contract Provisions Volume IV. The volume of formal legal contract provisions provides consumers with an easy format that can be inserted directly into contracts. The contract provisions are written by lawyers, compiled by NRLRC and come with plain-language, easy-to-understand explanations. The volume includes 20 key issues, such as compensation for delay; confidentiality of financial data; dispute resolution; interest and collection costs in the event of nonpayment; outstanding disputed claims and change orders; and warranty terms.

NRLRC members receive the publication as a benefit of membership. The volume is available in hardcopy or an electronic file format. The price for the volume is $225 for NRCA members and $375 for nonmembers.

The NRLRC is open to roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors and acts as a legal advocate for roofing contractors throughout the United States. Issues such as contract language, employee relations, regulatory compliance, payment provisions, insurance coverage, and codes and standard can threaten a contractor's profitability and even its existence. NRLRC provides its members with assistance in addressing issues such as these, ultimately saving them time and legal fees.

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