H.I. Technologies

Cloud technology and real-time data analysis are leading the technology trends in the construction industry, and Contractor Rush contractor management softwareContractor Rush is designed with this in mind. With Contractor Rush, contractors can turn disorderly data into a streamlined work process. The ability to access data from any location with a laptop, then store it in real-time visibility for others to retrieve, allows contractors and the entire team to improve project workflows, communication and collaboration. Cloud-based technology allows users to access the complete software package from any web browser with immediate retrieval, providing contractors with the on-the-go flexibility they need. Being able to remotely access information is essential to the construction industry, as many contractors are not based behind a desk, but on jobsites. Contractor Rush is a web-based, business-management software for residential, exterior contractors and remodelers created by H.I. Technologies. It was designed for contractors, by contractors, after years of extensive research and experience in the construction industry. For more information, visit www.contractorrush.com.