Capital Safety

The DBI-SALA® Sealed-Blok™ family recently expanded its product offering with the addition of a 175-foot SRL. The Sealed-Bok™ series now includes SRLs Capital Safety Self-Retracting Lifelineranging from 15 to 175 feet. Featuring heavy-duty, durable aluminum housing and stainless-steel endplates, the 175-foot Sealed-Blok™ SRL delivers superior sealed performance, resisting water, contaminants and even corrosion. Dynamic components are safely sealed inside the IP68-rated housing, making this SRL ideal for the toughest working environments, including offshore platform access in the oil and gas and wind energy industries. With a built-in carrying handle, certified as a secondary anchor point, the Sealed-Blok™ SRL is certified for “dropped objects” protection. For more information, visit