When evaluating the ideal roofing system, there would be no trouble finding a product from a number of reputable coating manufacturers. When considering acrylic coatings and systems, one must consider whether there are ponding issues on the roof. Ponding issues are the Achilles heel of acrylic coatings and can break them down prematurely. Acrylic coatings and most roll roofing goods do not tolerate continuously ponded conditions. Where ponding is likely to occur, there are solvent-based coating systems available, which are slightly more expensive but do the job. However, many of these products have significantly elevated VOC levels. Although they may fall within EPA approved ranges, the VOCs still evaporate into the atmosphere, causing damage to the ozone layer. Sealoflex® has revolutionized the industry with Enviroflex™ — a high solids, low VOC solution that can be applied to a damp roof. This system addresses the ponding issues head on and answers the age-old question: coating versus liquid-applied roofing system?

Applying a white elastomeric coating on an existing roof provides longevity and reflectivity, but a liquid-applied roofing system provides long-term benefits a typical stand-alone coating simply cannot. A fabric reinforced system provides far superior tensile strength to the application. The Enviroflex™ system from Sealoflex®, a leader in waterproofing solutions for the entire building envelope for more than 35 years, incorporates a layer of fabric within liquid coatings, creating a seamless, monolithic waterproof membrane that does not require tear-off of the existing roof. With the addition of Sealoflex® fabric, this system will protect the new or existing roof from leaks as well as further attacks of weathering. Contractor customers report labor savings, as the Enviroflex™ System can be applied in a single pass on damp surfaces. This means no dew delay! And, the 10-year warranty is renewable by simply applying an additional coat at the end of the current warranty period. Furthermore, Enviroflex™ is resistant to animal fats and chemicals which commonly attack roof surfaces of restaurants and food industry facilities.

The Enviroflex™ system is designed for new roofs and for application over existing roof surfaces, including metal, concrete, wood, EPDM, TPO, PVC, built-up roofs, and most rigid insulation.

The Enviroflex™ System from Sealoflex®. The last roof your building will ever need.

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