Owners of the Quadro Plus Rollformer know that it delivers on a straightforward promise, month after month and year after year. It positions them to compete for any job, anytime, anywhere.

The most advanced portable rollforming system in the world, Quadro Plus combines the best aspects of German engineering and American market savvy. The engineers at Schlebach initially designed a top-quality single-profile rollformer, but the folks at MetalForming Inc. knew that to meet the needs of American metal roofing contractors, they needed a machine that could produce different roof panel profiles quickly and efficiently, in a factory or out on a jobsite.

The result was Quadro Plus. “It’s the only machine of its kind in the world with instant changeover from one profile to another by simply rotating tooling cassettes,” said Geoff Stone, CEO of MetalForming Inc. “ That was the original thing we invented, and it’s the reason it became the number one bestseller virtually overnight.

“It’s the most versatile machine in the industry. It does more than any machine of its kind in terms of the huge variety of profiles (11), the variety of accessories you can add, the versatility it has for running starter panels and its portability. Also, it has more UL testing and documentation behind it that any machine in the industry, so that our customers can always compete at any level in the industry.”

When it came to designing the Quadro, flexibility, performance and modularity guided every step. Consider the differences:

  • Quick Change — Unlike most machines, the Quadro has all of its forming and drive rolls on a chassis with the drive mechanism located inside. This is a major leap forward in machine design because no longer do you have to “rebuild” a machine to change it over. The rollers are lined up and ready to form as soon as they are placed in the machine. This alone would be a major advantage, but the Quadro goes further. Most cassettes can have rolls mounted on either side so you simply flip a cassette, make a couple of minor adjustments and you can run another panel profile. Instantly.
  • Perfect Panels — The Quadro utilizes a hybrid drive system that, while more costly to manufacture, is much better for producing uniform panels. This system has only two drivelines, thereby eliminating almost all machine oil canning.
  • UL Testing — The Quadro is the most tested machine in the market today. More than $700,000 was spent on testing, from wind uplift to hail damage to air and water penetration. That means Quadro owners know they can compete with confidence for any job.
  • Add-on Innovations — The Quadro would be the most advanced machine on the market with just the quick-change cassettes, but Schlebach also offers a wide variety of add-on products — such as in-line slitting, concave curving and specialty profiles — to extend its versatility.
  • Modularity — Meet whatever the market demands. Everything about Quadro Plus is modular so you can mix and match profiles and accessories to meet the requirements of any job. And you can add any new features that are developed.

Modularity also means contractors can take their Quadro to the highest technological level of any rollformer in the world for producing a cut-up architectural roof. That’s the Quadro Cinco (computer integrated notching & cutting operations). Adding Cinco capability means you can put together a completed roofing plane with all the hips and valleys automatically cut by the machine. No one in the world but MetalForming and Quadro Cinco can make that promise.

 For more information on the Quadro and other MetalForming machine and software solutions, visit www.metalforming-usa.com or call 770-631-0002.