Hapco Incorporated, a leader in the heat tool industry since the late 1970s, teamed up with Bruno Zurmuhle to launch BAK Thermoplastic Heat Welding Tools in North America in 2008.

Hapco, “Your New Green Standard in Top Quality Heat Welding Tools,” provides incomparable customer service, technical support and fast, affordable service paired with the top-quality tools from BAK. You can increase both productivity and profitability in your roofing business. Here’s how:



BAK tools are built on a very similar platform to the “other” green tool. Based on Bruno Zurmuhle’s designs, you will find that many of the parts are interchangeable, such as elements, nozzles and power cords, etc., which can be easily exchanged on the jobsite. The BAK RiOn® Hand Welder features a more comfortable grip for all-day use. In addition to the hand welders, you will find simplified electronics in the automatic overlap welders, which means fewer electrical problems on the roof.


New Products

With phenomenal growth in the small to mid-size roofing installation segment (50-150SQ jobs), there has been a tremendous need for affordable, reliable automatic welders. Smaller contractors wanting to grow their business could not justify the expense of a full-sized overlap welder and were forced to hand weld all of their projects, eating up profits. 

BAK’s Solution

The RoofOn® Automatic Overlap Welder. Using the same heat source as BAK’s full-size LarOn®, the RoofOn provides much greater air flow than any other comparable portable welder on the market. At a mere 31 pounds with 3,400 watts, the RoofOn welds up to 60-mil TPO and PVC at speeds of 5-7 feet per minute (fpm). At a price of approximately $4,000, the RoofOn allows the contractor to double and even triple productivity while providing the machined finish that inspectors require at a price that’s 40 percent less than a full-size welder.

BAK’s new RoofOn® R Edge is the newest version of the lightweight, portable overlap welder and the only welder on the market allowing you to weld within 1 inch of your parapet walls, skylights, etc., at a speed of 5-7 fpm on TPO and PVC up to 60 mils.

In the growing and profitable roof maintenance industry, Hapco’s PRK2000 provides the convenience of a lightweight and super quiet Honda® EU2000 portable generator and a BAK RiOn® Basic Heat Gun Kit to make quick and efficient roof repairs. No need for heavy power cords and the entire kit weighs less than a pack of shingles. Reduce man-hours and increase productivity with the affordable PRK2000.


Hapco’s Industry Exclusive

Hapco offers a 3 Year Limited Warranty on all of its automatic overlap roofing welders. Nine authorized warranty claim centers throughout the USA will minimize downtime and to keep you on schedule.

The time for change has come. Now you have a choice. BAK and Hapco, Inc., your heat tool leaders in Ohio, Texas and, in 2013, on the West Coast. Visit www.hapcoinc.com or call 800-345-9353 for a distributor near you.