Buying the right tools for your business requires more than proper features, performance and reliability. Who you buy those tools from and customer service on that equipment is key to your success as well as the overall return on your investment.

Who do you call when you have technical difficulties, service issues or when an unforeseen accident to your tools occurs? While catalogs and eBay have become popular selling sites for technical equipment, who is there to answer your questions, provide technical support or give service recommendations?

When jobsite production is delayed or stopped, that down time costs you money — you want and deserve answers to your questions now! Investing thousands of dollars in technical equipment through sellers with little to no expert customer support is like buying a car/truck from a dealer with no service department.

Rest assured that when you purchase BAK equipment through its national distributor network, you are backed by top-quality customer service, free telephone technical support and fast, affordable equipment repair coast to coast in the United States as well as Canada. With 11 authorized service centers throughout the United States and Canada to support their four distribution centers — headquarters in Kent, Ohio; Hewitt, Texas; Ontario, Canada; and Sacramento, California; — you are assured of prompt, accessible, affordable, quality service whether your crew(s) are working locally or in another region of the country.

With more than 40 stocking commercial distributors, you will also find BAK equipment available in the major commercial roofing distributor franchises across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Hapco backs all BAK automatic overlap welders sold through its nationwide network of retail distributors with an Industry Exclusive 3-Year Limited Warranty. Hapco’s extended warranty assurance is yet another testimony to the quality, reliability and durability of BAK’s Laron, Roofon and Roofon Edge automatic overlap welders.

 You choose your car/truck dealership by the quality of its service department — don’t you owe your business the same consideration? Call Hapco Inc. at any one of its four locations for a retail distributor near you. 

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