DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. now offers its elastomeric roof coatings in a grey tint option. Elastomeric roof coating systems continue to grow in popularity, as they can revitalize an existing roof by providing energy savings and long-term protection while avoiding costly roof replacements.

Typically, an elastomeric roof coating system will be finished with a highly reflective white surface. Using the grey tint as a base coat prior to the white finish coat provides a way for the contractor to easily identify the base from the surface coat during installation. It can also be used as a surface coat, resulting in a grey-tinted reflective roof with a seamless barrier against elements that can lead to moisture penetration and damaging leaks.

Polyglass offers its Polybrite® 70, PG 700 and Polybrite 24 elastomeric coatings in the new grey tint. While both Polybrite 70 and PG 700 are Miami-Dade County approved, Polybrite 70 has also achieved FM 4470 Class 1 approval, a process that involves a rigorous testing method intended to evaluate a roof cover construction for its performance as it relates to fire (from above and below the structural deck), simulated wind uplift, corrosion of metal parts, susceptibility from hail storm damage and leaks.

“As we continue to develop our coatings business, we look for more options for the contractor and building owner,” stated National Product Manager-Coatings John Stubblefield. “We are committed to providing exceptional quality and performance when manufacturing our roof coatings and are looking forward to providing some dynamic, new product offerings in the near future.”

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