CS Unitec

metal saw

The 8320 BigSaw2 from CS Unitec is the largest dry-cutting portable metal saw on the market. The saw quickly cuts through composite acoustical roof panels such as Tectum Inc. Roof Deck Systems, as well as steel, sandwich panels, conduits, metal pipes and more — without coolant. Cuts are burr-free and cool to the touch within seconds. The saw’s powerful 16-amp motor delivers a free cutting speed of 1,400 RPM and features motor overload protection to prevent motor burnout. With a side-mounted tilt tray for chip disposal and an integrated dust collection port for connection to an industrial vacuum, the BigSaw2 can operate dust free with quick clean up. An optional guide rail with clamping system is available to make precision-straight cuts through sandwich panels and sheets. For more information, visit www.csunitec.com