WAYNE, N.J.— The Telly Awards has named GAF as both a Silver and Triple Bronze winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for its Scary Experience trilogy branding campaign and TV commercials, titled Scary Experience II and Everyone Wants a Timberline Roof!. There were nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries.

GAF’s series of commercials use Jesse the dog to illustrate the reliability of its Timberline roofing shingles. Throughout the commercials, Jesse is hiding from leaks in a home that does not have a Timberline roof, preparing that home for an upcoming rain storm by carrying buckets to catch leaks and moving area rugs, and stealing tools and shingles from the contractor who comes to the house to fix the roof, so that he can have Timberline on his dog house. The commercials can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCAamFhHwto.

The Telly Awards was founded in 1979 to honor outstanding local, regional and cable TV commercials and programs, video and film productions, and online commercials, video and films. For its 34th season, The Telly Awards once again joined forces with YouTube to give the public the power to view and rate videos submitted as part of the People’s Telly Awards. In addition to recognition from the Silver Telly Council, the judging panel that selects the Telly Awards winners, the Internet community helps decide the People’s Telly Awards winners.

A judging panel of more than 500 accomplished industry professionals, each a past winner of a Silver Telly and a member of The Silver Telly Council, judged the competition, upholding the historical standard of excellence that Telly represents. The Silver Council evaluated entries to recognize distinction in creative work — entries do not compete against each other, but rather are judged against a high standard of merit. Less than 10 percent of entries are chosen as Winners of the Silver Telly, and pproximately 25 percent of entries are chosen as winners of the Bronze Telly.

“It is an honor to again be recognized for our work by the Telly awards,” said Ted Marcopolus, vice president of marketing services at GAF. “Our goal was to create memorable TV advertising that promotes the GAF brand and could be used by our Master Elite roofing contractors in their local markets. I think we achieved both, thanks to the efforts of our talented creative and video production departments.”

“The Telly Awards has a mission to honor the very best in film and video,” said Linda Day, executive director of the Telly Awards. “GAF’s accomplishment illustrates their creativity, skill and dedication to their craft, and serves as a testament to great film and video production.”

For more information, visit www.gaf.com.