Garland Co.

CLEVELAND — The Garland Co. Inc. recently released a new brochure, Garland Metal Wall Panels and Accessories, which introduces building owners, facility managers, architects, and other design professionals to the design capabilities of a variety of high-performance metal walls and accessories.

Tom Diamond, P.E., Garland’s product manager for metal solutions, said, “There are so many alternative approaches available on the market today, specifying a wall solution has become increasingly complicated. This new literature clarifies the most critical design criteria, helping readers identify key areas of differentiation, from metal types to panel system assemblies.”

Garland Metal Wall Panels and Accessoriesincludes cut-away schematics to illustrate how systems work and photographs depicting a wide range of aesthetic options, including both structural and architectural design solutions. To assist the design process, the brochure also contains a metal color selector chart.

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