Metal Roofing System

Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance has announced the addition of the TremLock® T-238 metal roofing system to the company’s TremLock line of metal roofing solutions. The system provides roofing contractors with an option for a wide variety of roofing applications and customer needs. Like all TremLock metal roofing systems, the TremLock T-238 system is pre-engineered to provide leak-free protection and long-term performance, eliminating water infiltration and ensuring a watertight system for customers. Should a panel be damaged somehow, contractors can easily replace individual panels, a significant benefit over many other metal roofing systems. The TremLock T-238 system has a Class A fire rating, meets numerous ASTM-E standards, and holds multiple UL and FM Global ratings. The system has a 20-year, weather-tight warranty and a 20-year, high-performance, paint film warranty. For more information, visit