GAF’s GardenScapes feature simple, effective designs that start with a choice of GAF’s single-ply TPO or multiple-ply TriPosite™ XL roofing systems as the waterproofing layer. On top of the membrane is GAF’s exclusive DuraGro™ 4-in-1 drainage foundation system, which protects the roofing membrane from direct contact with the growing medium, retains just enough water to help keep the plants from drying, slows the drainage of excess water into storm sewers, and helps screen the drain water to keep from clogging. Next is GAF’s custom-formulated StartRite™ growing medium, designed for specific geographic locations, with a special organic superfood. GardenScapes systems offer a choice of plant varieties suited to specific climates. For more information, visit

Xero Flor

The Xero Flor Green Roof System utilizes pre-vegetated mats that are 100 percent American made and grown on local, independent farms. It is based on advanced German technology — engineered and refined over more than four decades of ongoing R&D. In Europe, where the green roof industry is long-established, Xero Flor is the technology of choice, according to the company. It has been proven successful and sustainable in tens of thousands of flourishing installations worldwide, including projects in more than 30 states in the United States. For more information, visit

Carlisle SynTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ MiraDRAIN G4 Roof Garden Drainage Composite combines filter fabric, moisture retention mat, drainage mat, and heavy-duty protection fabric into a single, easy-to-apply product that is specifically designed for vegetated roofs. Using MiraDRAIN G4 greatly simplifies a vegetative roof installation, and using this product significantly cuts down on time and labor. MiraDRAIN G4 offers customers an increased drainage rate and water-holding capacity, and has a high compressive strength that resists crushing and allows a multitude of overburden options to be used. For more information, call 800-479-6832 or visit

The Garland Company

Garland’s next-generation GreenShield® Module vegetative roof systems offer the versatility and convenience of modularized vegetative containers. Taking advantage of special lightweight soils and plant materials, these industrial-strength modules can be readily rearranged or removed, providing considerable aesthetic flexibility, as well as ready access to the underlying roofing for maintenance. The modules are specifically designed to facilitate irrigation and drainage and can be landscaped with flourishing vegetation in advance of roof installation. For more information, call 800-321-9336 or visit

Sika Sarnafil

Sarnafil waterproofing membranes are specially designed for sub-grade environments like landscaped roof areas. They are compounded to remain watertight in extreme conditions that include constant dampness, ponding water, high and low alkaline conditions, and exposure to plant roots, fungi and bacterial organisms. These membranes are inherently root and algae resistant and have passed the most stringent European tests for root resistance, including German FLL and Swiss SIA 280 standards. Systems designed for both extensive and intensive green roof configurations are available. Complete system delivery including vegetation is available with a single source warranty from Sika Sarnafil. Electronic leak detection is optional. For more information, visit

Firestone Building Products

The Firestone SkyScape Vegetative Roofing System is a sustainable system featuring patented, double interlocking trays. The system contributes to building heating and cooling efficiency, protects roofing material from UV and heat stress degradation, improves storm water management and shields the roof from wind and hail damage. Easy to install and maintain, SkyScape is offered in modular trays and a multi-layered system, and its durable design provides integrated irrigation and erosion control. When combined with lightweight SkyPaver Composite Roof Pavers, the SkyScape System can help earn LEED® credits and is protected by the Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty. For more information, go to


Hortech, Inc. announced the introduction of LiveWall®, the planted wall system that transforms ordinary walls into vertical green landscapes. LiveWall is engineered to be attractive, simple to install, easy to maintain and change, and healthy for plants. The wall system’s WallTer® planter modules slide into the revolutionary RainRail® mounting tracks, which secure them in place and include hidden conduits and built-in nozzles for integrated mist irrigation. The WallTers, manufactured in recycled architectural grade plastic, are 6 inches deep and 5 inches wide and come in 8-inch and 16-inch lengths. For more information, visit

American Hydrotech

American Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® Assembly is suitable for extensive, intensive and sloped applications. Designed as a lightweight, low-profile system, the product can be installed on roof and plaza decks engineered for as little as 15 pounds per square foot saturated dead load. As a storm water management solution, a Garden Roof can retain 50 to 90 percent of a typical rainfall. The product adds space for tenant/recreation use and has been used to create therapeutic healing gardens. It also improves a building’s energy efficiency and can process airborne toxins and re-oxygenate the air. Total assembly is warranted from the deck up (single-source warranty). The product is built on Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125, a proven roofing/waterproofing membrane, for an owner’s peace of mind. For more information, visit