CLEVELAND — The Garland Company, Inc. has obtained UL Environment validation for a wide range of its high-performance roof and wall systems.

UL Environment (ULE) has independently reviewed Garland’s manufacturing processes and raw materials to validate that specific roof and wall materials meet its recycled and bio-based content goals and match the information provided in published Garland literature. ULE is a division of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).

As a result of its ULE initiative, Garland has become the first manufacturer in the roofing industry to have an extensive product line of modified bitumen membranes and metal roof and wall panels earn third-party validation for its recycled and/or bio-based content. Dozens of Garland roof and wall solutions now bear the UL Environment Validation Logo on their data sheets.

“Garland’s products have always been the most sustainable membranes in the marketplace, not only due to our extensive use of recycled materials, but also because of the impressive longevity of our products,” Garland’s Director of Products and Systems Brian Lambert said. “Now that we’ve successfully completed the UL Environment verification process, our recycling efforts have been formally validated by an independent third party. We are particularly pleased to have raised the industry’s sustainability expectations with the first modified membranes to have been independently validated for both recycled and bio-based content.”

In addition to the validation of Garland products, UL Environment has partnered with the US Green Building Council to offer additional LEED credits through the Innovation in Design Credit. This partnership allows Garland modified membranes to contribute to obtaining additional LEED credits, and credits for the UL-affiliated EcoLogo program in Canada, which is run by TerraChoice.

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