Simpson Strong-Tie

XEQ Screw

Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded its line of fasteners to include the XEQ self-drilling screw for use in exterior metal framing applications. Designed specifically for use with Simpson Strong-Tie connectors and cold-formed steel framing, the new XEQ screw features a dual-hardened heat treatment that makes it is more ductile and less prone to hydrogen embrittlement. The XEQ screw meets ASTM C1513 drill-time performance and is the only fastener load rated for Simpson Strong-Tie L70Z and LS70Z connectors for use with Trex Elevations steel deck framing. It also features a proprietary Quik Guard double-barrier coating for corrosion resistance in exterior applications. The screw is available in 100 and 1,000 count boxes. For more information, visit