rossAdjustable Ridge Vent

Ross Manufacturing 

Ross Manufacturing offers the Ross® 2-IN-1 Ridge Vent®, the only ridge vent that converts from a standard 12-inch-wide ridge vent to either a 10- or 9-inch-wide ridge vent. The patented design reduces inventory SKUs and ensures that the wrong product is never sent to a jobsite. The 2-IN-1 offers 84 square inches of Net Free Area per piece and also comes available in an All Weather (filtered) version. Other products in the Ross Ventilation system include the Ross 150 Roof Vent® & the Ross 65 Slant Back Vent®. For more information visit


underUnder-Shingle Ventilation

DCI Products

SmartVent is a tapered, under-shingle ventilation product designed for installation under any course of shingle to provide continuous ventilation where it is needed. It allows cool air to flow freely through 1-inch roof decking slit providing more than adequate ventilation wherever it is installed. Mostly used for intake ventilation for homes with little to no soffit overhang, SmartVent has been out since 1999 and is listed with the International Code Council (ESR-2484). For more information, visit


ridgeRidge Vent for Roof Diagonals

Air Vent

Air Vent’s Hip Ridge Vent successfully passed the Miami-Dade County wind-driven rain test. By passing this stringent water leakage test, the Hip Ridge Vent is the only diagonally installed ridge vent on the market tested exactly as it will be installed on a hip roof, according to the company. It passed on 3/12 and 12/12 roof pitches; at wind speeds 35, 70, 90 and 110 mph; while facing over 1,200 gallons of wind-driven rain parallel, perpendicular and at a 45 degree angle to the vent. For more information, call 800-AIR-VENT or


sectionalSectional Ridge Vent


TAMKO’s CoolRidge sectional ridge vent is a self-contained, four foot sectional, shingle-over ridge vent designed to help remove heat and moist air out of the attic, providing excellent ventilation. CoolRidge features both an external and an internal “sinewave” shaped baffle designed to help prevent wind-driven rain, snow and insect infiltration. Each section also contains integrated end plugs located every foot to reduce scrap when splicing. For more information, visit


premiumPremium Intake Ventilation


This hybrid fascia board/intake vent makes it easy to install critical intake ventilation on tough-to-vent homes. With 9 square-inch of Net Free Area, Cobra FasciaFlow is designed to safely allow cool air to enter the attic space, which helps drive warm and moist air out of the attic’s exhaust vents. It’s made of durable, long-lasting PVC and it can be painted, if desired, to match the home’s exterior trim system. For more information, visit


ridgeRidge Vent Systems


COR-A-VENT® is the one solution for all your ridge vent applications. With over 30 years of job proven experience and a simple straightforward design, Cor-A-Vent is the vent of choice by quality builders nationwide, according to the company, which offers the new Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent. For more information, call 800-837-8368 or visit or


compositeComposite Insulation


InsulVent is a superior composite insulation consisting of a closed-cell, lightweight and resilient expanded polystyrene (EPS) bonded to an APA/TECO-rated oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood. Depending on the ventilation requirements, the channels can be cut to the requested size to increase or reduce airflow. The foam core is cut from the same high-quality stock as our InsulFoam brand roof insulations and, upon request, will meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM C578, Standard Specification for Rigid, Cellular Polystyrene Thermal Insulation. InsulVent has excellent dimensional stability, compressive strength and water resistant properties. For more information, visit


ventRidge Vent and Flash Vent

The Tapco Group

Patented added-pitch design shows more shingle profile and less vent opening for clean, eye-pleasing aesthetics. It easily adapts to a peak vent or flash vent and is designed for roof pitches from 3/12 to 12/12. Patented internal baffle keeps blowing snow and rain from entering, while internal filter blocks out insects, leaves and pine needles. Low-profile design is unobtrusive, but also crushproof with nailing supports and structural ribs; withstands falling tree branches, hammer blows and resists cracking. For more information, visit


tile roofsRidge Vent for Tile Roofs

TRA Snow and Sun

TRA Snow and Sun’s Ridge Riser® enables a very simple roof concept that allows air to vent out at the ridge of a tile roof. It opens up the sheathing at the ridge where the 2-by-6 nailer was on the sheathing before. It is made of galvanized steel and requires nothing but nails and a 2-by-2 to create the ideal solution at the ridge, creating savings for the installer and the homeowner in installation and electrical cooling costs. The Ridge Riser® has been tested in Dade County, Florida, and passed the Wind Uplift test. For more information, visit


airflowAirflow Solution Products


Metal-Era’s Airflow Solutions products are proof that custom engineered solutions can be easy — simple in design, quick to install, and affordable to your budget. The company’s ridge vent, rake, and intake products are also designed to extend the life of your roof by providing the airflow your roof needs and combating negative weather effects. The company also offers a performance guarantee: a 20-year 120-mph wind and ventilation warranty on the Hi-Perf ventilation products. For more information, call 800-558-2162 or visit


gableGable End Louvers and Cupolas

New Concept Louvers Inc.

Gable end louvers from New Concept Louvers Inc. are available in any size or shape and have over 400 colors to choose from, as well as a variety of metals including aluminum, copper and steel. These come with your choice of J-channel, nailing fins, recess flange or screws for easy installation. Cupolas are a functional way of providing excellent ventilation and come ready to install. The company offers a stock line in both Louvered and Windowed styles and also makes custom shapes and sizes. For more information, visit

atticAttic Airflow Solutions

Owens Corning

 As part of its Total Protection Roofing System™, Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt introduces solutions to help attic air flow. The products work to achieve a Balanced Air Ventilation System by reducing heat and moisture build up. Ideal for soffit-less homes and homes without adequate intake, the VentSure® InFlow™ Vent protects against water infiltration and is easily installed at or above the eave, yielding NFVA 10 square inches per linear foot. VentSure™ Solar Attic Exhaust Fan combines the benefits of active ventilation and solar power. Units are equipped with an electronic thermostat and humidistat. For more information, visit