This month's issue focuses on ventilation. 

Master Flow Green Machine

GAF Materials Corporation

GAF Materials Corporation announced the addition of Master Flow Green Machine™ Solar Powered Ridge Vents to its line of ventilation products. This energy-efficient ridge vent delivers up to 25 times more airflow than typical ridge vents while still providing the superior aesthetic that ridge vents offer over powered roof vents. For more information, visit

Plugs for Traditional Vents

Trimline Products

Trimline EZ-PLUG Patch fills holes left behind by traditional vents in seconds, making converting to ridge ventilation easy. Don’t waste time cutting plywood patches; keep it simple with the ‘EZ’ solution. For more information on EZ-PLUG and other ridge vents, visit

Ridge Vent Systems


Cor-A-Vent is the one solution for all your ridge vent applications. With over 30 years of job proven experience and a simple straightforward design, Cor-A-Vent is the vent of choice by quality builders nationwide. Check out the new Revolution Rolled Ridge Vent. For more information, call 800-837-8368 or visit or

Hip Ridge Vent

Air Vent Inc.

The Hip Ridge Vent is a filtered shingle-over ridge vent for diagonal hips. It features an integrated gasket and rain diverter to channel water away. An external baffle enhances airflow and deflects rain and snow. It’s made of a low profile crush resistant co-polymer resin with a uni-directional construction that makes installation fast and easy, saving roofer’s time and money. For more information, call 800-247-8368, e-mail or visit

Single-Sided Ridge Vent

DCI Products

SmartRidge I by DCI is a single-sided ridge vent. Using its patented design, it eliminates the street-side lift, making it the cleanest looking ridge vent. SmartRidge I is 100 percent efficient, with no cross winds traveling from one side of the vent to the other. This causes all of the attic air to be siphoned out of the SmartRidge I. For more information, call 800-622-4455 or visit

Solar Attic Vent


TAMKO offers several easy-to-install products that help promote roof ventilation. The Solar Attic Vent combines the beauty of a single unobtrusive unit with the benefits of solar power. Other options include Roll Vent® continuous ridge vent, Rapid Ridge® nail gun-able continuous ridge vent, CoolRidge® sectional ridge vent and Xtractor Vent® XLP Turbo nail gun-able continuous ridge vent. For more information, visit