Product Focus on Ventilation

Shingle-Over Ridge Vent

Benjamin Obdyke’s new Xtractor Vent® XLP Turbo is an externally baffled, shingle-over roof ridge vent available in 25-foot rolls. It was developed for professionals looking for a rolled product that can be cut to any size and installed with a pneumatic nail gun for faster, more flexible placement. For more information, call 800-346-7655 or

Roof Vent

The OMG OlyVent is engineered to prolong the life of the roof system by reducing moisture within the roof system and trapped air pressure within the building. Trapped air pressure and moisture can lead to the reduction in thermal protection of the insulation, roof membrane system, and roof deck damage. OlyVent is available as both a one-way vent and two-way breather. For more information, call 800-633-3800 or

Ridge Vent

TAMKO’s CoolRidge is an injection molded, polypropylene product that features both an external and an internal “sine wave” shaped baffle designed to help prevent wind-driven rain and snow infiltration. Each section also contains integrated end plugs located every foot to reduce scrap when splicing. CoolRidge is designed to help remove heat and warm moist air out of the attic, providing maximum ventilation. For more information,

Solar Roof Vents

Marathon’s Sol-A-Vent® roof vents provide superior air movement using only the natural energy of the sun while preventing the intrusion of water. The Sol-A-Vent® models offer positive venting by creating a negative pressure within the roof system, which tends to draw air, including moisture, out of the roof system. It provides positive venting, rain or shine, for continuous, nonstop exhaust flow, day and night. There are no additional electrical costs upon installation. It moves 900 cubic feet of air per hour and includes a rechargeable NiCad battery backup. Excess energy generated by the advanced solar cell is stored in the battery for use when the sun goes down, and when fully charged the battery has the capacity to run the vent up to three days with no sunlight. Sol-A-Vents® are available in brushed aluminum, optional chrome and in a low-profile version. For more information, call 800-421-6174 or

Ridge Ventilation

Owens Corning VentSure® Ridge Vents offer exceptional performance, streamlined styling, and easy installation. As part of a balanced ventilation system, they help provide proper ventilation underneath the roof deck to reduce overheating and moisture buildup. VentSure Ridge vents are available in a 20-foot corrugated plastic roll called VentSure® Rigid Roll, or a 4-foot externally baffled polypropylene product called VentSure® 4-foot Rigid Strip. For more information,

Ridge Vent for Tile Roofs

Trimline® VariaVent is a ridge vent solution for tile roof applications that conveniently combines ridge ventilation and variable weather blocking in one product. Each 4-foot section of Trimline VariaVent comes with aluminum weather blocking already attached, eliminating the need for an additional installation step. Trimline® VariaVent fits any tile on the market, ensuring a weather-tight seal. For more information, call 800-438-2920 or

Energy-Effecient Roof System

The MonierLifetile® Energy Efficient Roof (EER) System is one of a complete line of tile and component products designed to simultaneously advance a roof’s performance, reliability and functionality. The MonierLifetile® EER System consists of a combination of several patented products that increase cross-ventilation, as well as the overall performance and integrity of the roof. These products include MonierLifetile’s Vented Eave Riser (shown in photo), which allows airflow to enter through the eave of the roof; the Elevated Battens, which raise the batten off the roof deck to permit airflow up the slope of the roof; and MonierLifetile’s hip and ridge products, Ridge Trees, Figaroll and Zephyr Roll, that allow air to flow out of the ridge of the roof while providing weather protection. For more information, call 800-571-8453 or

Tapered Under-Shingle Vent

SmartVent™ by DCI Products is a tapered, under-shingle, corrugated plastic vent designed to easily install along the eaves of the roof. SmartVent allows cool air to enter under the shingles at the eaves through a 1-inch roof slit, and out the ridge vent providing superior airflow and attic cooling. Once installed it is virtually unnoticeable from the ground. SmartVent also works with existing soffit vents to increase performance. SmartVent is designed to maximize intake ventilation and complement any ridge vent to complete the total ventilation system approach. For more information, call 800-622-4455 or