ROSEMONT, Ill. — According to CEO Geoff Stone, MetalForming, Inc. does more than scour the earth to bring the best metal fabrication machines to the North American market. "Our goal today is to provide total solutions for our customers," said Stone.

Over the past 15 years at METALCON, MetalForming has introduced 70 new products at the show. This year, the company added three additions to that list: CENTURIO, CIRM™ and TRIMSPEC™.

• CENTURIO is an automatic sheet metal cutting and coil handling system produced in Graz, Austria, by Krassner. Driven by state-of-the-art software managed on a touch screen, the slitter features precise, automatic knife-setting while the coil handler quickly changes out multi-ton coils, always keeping inventory pristine and enabling "just in time" parts production. And, by weighing them, CENTURIO always knows exactly how much inventory is left on all of the coils in the handler.

• CIRM™ is the core of a software suite that helps to coordinate a factory's entire operation, from job scheduling and machine operations to product loading, transportation and accounting. Integrate it with CENTURIO, as a number of MetalForming's customers are doing, Stone said, and you take a big step towards becoming "fully automated modern manufacturers."

"With CIRM, we can take an entire day's production requirements and optimize them in             ways that really maximize production speed and minimize scrap," Stone said.

• TRIMSPEC™ takes the pioneering touch-screen drawing engine from the Schechtl iFold and makes it mobile. According to Stone, it gives you the ability to draw and edit trim parts, as well as generate a complete order, on a computer tablet in the field or on a laptop or desktop. You can email or upload data via flash drive to your internal system or direct to your Schechtl for final production.

“As with other MetalForming innovations, TRIMSPEC increases productivity, making trim shops more efficient by eliminating time, labor and material costs due to redundant work, errors from bad handwriting, bad drawings or lost pieces of paper,” said Stone. “It is also a solution designed to scale, whether yours is a small roofing firm with a single folder or a billion-dollar components company with a squadron of sales reps. Large manufacturers may even want to make the software directly available to their best customers, strengthening those business ties, reducing sales costs and increasing order efficiency.”

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