How does a contractor embrace a relatively new concept or technology and apply it to his or her business? Let’s take a look at a recent technology that was

EagleView Premium Reports assist throughout the entire roofing job lifecycle.

introduced in 2008: aerial roof measurement technology. EagleView® Technologies, Inc. invented the concept of 3-D aerial roof measurement reports and developed the patented technology that has become a game changer for contractors who understand the full potential of this report.

Leading contractors are experiencing an evolution in their business by embracing technology and learning how to use it to grow profits and revenue. They are adapting and incorporating technology and experiencing high levels of ROI by including it in all stages of a job: marketing, sales, production and warranty.

First, it’s important to understand what aerial measurement technology is and how it works. When you provide a property address to EagleView, they use high resolution photographs to create a 3-D model of that property. Highly skilled spatial recognition technicians create the model and from that determine the exact line lengths, including ridges, valleys, rakes, eaves, hips, parapet walls and more. The pitch of each roof section is accurately determined as well as the square footage. The patented technology and a five-step quality control process ensure that the measurements are accurate.

Beyond the obvious time-savings realized by no longer having to manually measure property exteriors, contractors have found additional benefits in the sales process. The most successful contractors order the EagleView report and take it with them on the sales call. They have prepared their customized cover and brought along the property owner report to use as the leave-behind marketing piece.

The most successful results have been garnered by those contractors who have the EagleView app loaded on their tablet or iPad and incorporate the device into their in-home presentation. The ability to take photos on site and mark areas of concern with the built-in photo editor makes a powerful impact during the presentation to the property owner. The overall professional presentation combined with the use of technology and being able to spend more time with the owner adds up to an increase in closing rates.

The mobile app allows users to take, edit and upload their own photos to include on the EagleView report.

Increasing closing rates is a great accomplishment but even more efficiencies are realized in production planning, precise material ordering and accurate subcontractor crew payments.

“Technology should simplify business processes,” said Heidi Ellsworth, EagleView vice president of sales and marketing. “EagleView is committed to providing the technology that contractors need to increase productivity, profitability and professionalism.”

Staying ahead of the competition and increasing your profitability as a contractor means identifying technologies and learning how to incorporate them into your business. The competitive nature of the contracting business and the increased operating costs in today’s economy make it imperative that contractors maximize productivity and take advantage of new business technologies that will launch them to the front of the pack.

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