The roofing contracting industry is changing overnight. More complex rules, regulations, requirements and paperwork are coupled with higher manpower,casse1 materials and fuel costs. While this can be daunting for even the veteran roofer, it is important to keep up with the changes and to find running room where the slow-footed see roadblocks. The top six industry challenges roofing contractors face include the need to:

• Minimize safety and liability risks.

• Manage cash flow and credit lines.

• Retain qualified, trusted employees and access to training.

• Address IRS push for greater accountability converting from 1099 business model to W-2.

• Ensure compliance with expanding codes, regulations and insurance requirements.

• Reduce supplements through proper inspections, measuring and estimating.


The Greatest Risk Is Standing Still

OSHA, the IRS, Department of Insurance and the Crime Bureau of Insurance Fraud are all forces for change in their own right, yet change is easier when it involves improving the bottom line. Too often, veteran contractors “don’t know what they don’t know” and do not realize that sticking to the status quo will only lead to greater risk and disappointment.

3C Network Members Have the Advantage to “Do Right, Right Away”

3C Network of consumers, contractors and carriers is a full-service technology and business solutions provider formed as a catalyst for roofing contractors in North America to better serve consumers while improving productivity and profitability. The fast-growing Network helps its member contractors seize the day by creating, bundling and sharing time and money-saving technology that addresses the top six industry challenges.

3C Network offers free memberships and roofing management software to roofing contractors who are ready to commit today’s best industry practices and accountability. Member contractors are able to choose from a suite of cloud-based technologies and contractor services integrated with 3C’s roofing management software to make their business sales, fulfillment and paperwork processes run smoother, faster and more reliably. The advantage of 3C technology is that it was custom built to utilize the smart phone and iPad for optimal use in the field or office and it is cloud-based to give contractors access to their secure data — even if their laptop, smart phone or iPad is lost or crashes.


Blow the Doors Off the Old Business Plan

3C Network’s roofing contractor technology solutions help identify prospective customers, perform inspections, effortlessly prompt and consume aerial measurements and enlist a rules engine to factor local codes, insurance requirements and pricing to deliver a professional and thorough estimate fast. The Network’s philosophy is, when projects start right, contractors can more reliably project profits and manage jobs, integrate into QuickBooks and focus on the business.

Beyond the technology, 3C Network also facilitates online training and certification on a variety of topics to keep roofing professionals qualified and competitive in the industry. The Network also backs member contractors with a 3C Network limited warranty on both workmanship and materials.

 For more information about 3C Network, visit, like us at or call 855-3C-MEMBER (855-326-3623).